Super Thin Alcohol Fueled Stove




About: Im always up for trying something new. I can figure out how something works if you give me 5 minutes with it, and im always trying to improve on things. Theres nothing i cant temporarily fix, and i feel lost...

This is a super thin alcohol fueled stove that can fit in your pocket. With it filled to the top, it burns for about 20 min., or enough to boil half a gallon of soup for 3 people. : )

Step 1: Get the Materials.

All you need is:

A soda can
Sauce can top


A pair of scissors or a razor

Step 2: Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut the can on the brown line.

Step 3: Holy Push!

Now you have to push in the concave part on the can and pop holes

Step 4: Force It In

Now put your finished masterpiece in the cover.

Step 5: Fill and Burn

start it up



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, Sandwitch,
    I hope you are still around. A man who can figure anything out and feels naked without his leatherman is someone very good to know! That used to be me 45 years ago (Getting old suchs.....I think....but I often can not remember.)
    I don't fully understand your design but think it is applicable to what I am trying to do. I have a 2 1/2 inch diameter by 1 1/4 inch tall alluminum can with a screw lid. The screw lid allows me to smoother the flame and save the remaining alcohol.
    I want to only have a low pressure flame resulting in best fuel efficiency that will concentrate all flame on the bottom of a 2 1/4 inch red bull can/pot.
    Using your idea I was going to build a burner insert from an aluminum can that hopefully will almost screw into the outer aluminum can or atleast seal with the non thread portion below the threads.
    My question is, for fuel efficiency purposes, should I just make a large like 3/4" hole in the center of the insert or would I have less pressure and thus a lower, slower flame with many say 1/4" holes clustered around the center. Any advise would be apreciated.
    Regards and thanks for a great idea on you little fellow stove.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    Thats what I use, I suggest using at least 75%. That will make lots of black smoke and soot on the bottom of the pan. 91%-99% is what I use, not as much black smoke.

    is the smoke toxic. i must know i want to cook stuff like stuff stuff that you can eat like stuff..............stuff

    Because of the soot given off you shouldn't really cook over any alcohol, wood fire tastes better anyway. If your going to cook something in it just make sure that its in/on a tray or pot.

    fairly fast, I have an army canteen with a metal cup on the bottom (like bear grylls, from man vs wild) that holds 3.5-4 cups of water and i can do that in about 5 min depending on the conditions. so say about 2-3 minutes for 2 cups.

    O . . . . .its so fast! my best Alcohol amount  (3-40 of them) need about 4 min to boiled 2 cups of water, and 50 ml of alcohol just run for 15 min.  

    methylated spirits, heet, iso-heet, denatured alcohol, ethanol, heating oil, and any other flammable liquid (mainly non explosive).


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I've built alot of this kinds of stoves, there amazing. And they can cook just as good as an MSR whisper light. The only draw back in my experience is that they chew threw your fire source like crazy. Know i don't know about how a whisper light does it but i believe the steady pressure combined with a very slow fuel release makes it more fuel efficient. This is a Good Instructable, great to fool around with. But i wouldn't rely on this and its certantly more costly in the long run as far as fuel.