Super Yummy Brownie Desert!

Introduction: Super Yummy Brownie Desert!

Step 1: Get Brownies and Chocolate

But chocolate and brownies, and buy your favorite types. Melt the chocolate so it's a liquid consistency. Try to melt for 30 seconds in the microwave and if not melted, add 30 seconds more. Let sit.

Step 2: Make the Brownies


Step 3: Optional Filling

You can poke a hole through each brownie and fill with whipped cream. Dip the brownie in the chocolate and ta-da!



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    7 Discussions

    Am I the only one that saw an Imperial Battle Cruiser in the title pic when scrolling through the latest Instructables?

    Rad racer, you can use whatever but I prefer brownie mix.

    okay, but it still would be nice to have pictures in the process and a recipe it follow /: but it's a good idea

    See that's funny because this blog post says you use cake mix, not brownie mix. I'm confused, which do I use?

    Doodledoos, yes they are. They are zoomed in and out.

    *recipe darn you autocorrect

    are these pictures even your own? I mean this is a good idea, but it's nice to have pictures to follow, and perhaps a brownie recoup wouldn't go amiss, but it's a cool idea.