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Introduction: Super Adorable Ghost Bunting

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I have possibly the most important Halloween party of my life coming up.

I am getting married in an old caste on Halloween.

So the decorations are somewhat important this year, off the shelf isn't really good enough.

Luckily a friend of mine is gave me some inspiration in the form of teru teru bōzu when she came back from Japan.
Teru teru bōzu are very similar to what I have made. My friend brought me some sweets inspired by them and so began the quest to make some adorable ghost bunting for my wedding.

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Step 1: Grab Your Fabric and Draw Some Circles

I had some plush material left over from puppet making and decided it would be a great fabric to use for ghosts.
Any fabric in an appropriate color would do.

I put out a peace and drew around a small plate which will represent the ghosts body. I then drew a smaller circle using a glass as close to the center of the larger circles as I could. This smaller circle will be the head of the ghost.

Step 2: Cut It Out

Using sharp scissors I cut around the larger circles.

(If you have good sharp fabric scissors try to make sure no one uses them to cut paper, paper blunts scissors very fast.)

Step 3: Draw and Sew Faces

draw a small face in the small circle between the center of the circle and its edge and then use black thread to sew the face features. I used a looping stitch to ensure a rustic look but you could create any kinds of features you want.

Remember the side with the circles is the side no one will see so if like me you want to attache beads or buttons for eyes make sure you sew them onto the clean side.

Step 4: Running Stitch and Pull When Full of Cotton to Make the Head

Follow the circle you drew with a loose running stitch (The closer together your stitches the better the finish but the harder the stitch will be to pull tight)

Take some cotton balls or stuffing of your choice and place it in the middle of the inside of the ghosts head before pulling the running stitch tight to gather the fabric around this point.

Step 5: Attach Your Ghosts to Cord or String

You should have a small collection of adorable little ghosts by now.

I attached my ghosts by sewing through a length of cord into the top of the ghosts head and putting in a couple of stitches.

i used the length between my thumb and index finger to give a distance I enjoyed the ghosts to be apart and repeted the attaching process at this distance until I had run out of ghosts.

Step 6: Find Somewhere to Hang Your Spooksome Bunting and Enjoy the Praise

Find a place to hang your awesome ghost bunting and enjoy the complements about how clever you are for making something so awesome.

If you have enjoyed this instructable let me know and if you have been inspired to create ghost bunting of your own please share your results. I would love to see them.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    These are absolutely adorable! Definitely putting them on my to-do list - thanks for sharing your process. Congrats on the wedding, it sounds like it will be amazing!

    world of woodcraft
    world of woodcraft

    Reply 4 years ago

    Fingers crossed..
    I'm a little annoyed the DJ has just candled on me. But if that's the worst thing I have to deal with I think I am happy as I could be. - Then Paris for the honeymoon.

    Pleas post a comment with the ghosts you make. I am always interested to see what people make. And if you find any problems making them let me know and I will edit the make a little to make it easier.


    4 years ago

    These are adorable! Best wishes on your wedding.