Super Awesome Paper Airplane

Introduction: Super Awesome Paper Airplane

This airplane isn't good for distance but does awesome flips and twists. Anyway I hope you like it.
If my instructions are confusing go to cause thats where i found this. by the way all you need for this is a 81/2 x 11 peice of paper. and some tape. also sorry there are no image notes my computer wont let me do them for some reason.

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Step 1: Folding Stage 1

just follow the pictures they are pretty self explanitory

Step 2: Folding Stage 2

once again the pictures are pretty self explanitory.

i dont have a pucture for it but on picture one you are going to fold in the corners to the top and then fold the corners in again to the middle it should end up looking like picture two

Step 3: Super Complicated Fold

there is no really good way to describe this fold. if you have trouble i would suggest going to the website i mentioned in the intro or you could ask me. you should end up looking like the picture.

Step 4: Folding Stage 3

pictures 1 and 2 are the same fold but 1 is the top veiw and 2 is the bottom veiw.
picture 3 shows that you need to fold the back in half.....if that makes any sense.
picture four shows that you need to tear that off now you should have a tail type thing.

Step 5: Folding Stage 4

pictures 1 and 2 show that you need to fold the body like an airplane.
in picture 3 i folded the tail in half.
in picture 4 i the end of the tail and folded it down....if that makes any sense either

Step 6: Tape and Fly

all you need to do for this step is tape the tail to the body and fly. when you fly it throw it moderately hard.

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4 Discussions


9 years ago on Introduction

you could take somemore pictures, the ones u have are a bit blurry... thx gb123


10 years ago on Introduction

hunter o and i make a plane similar to this one .we call it the SAC .ALSO DONT ASK WHAT SAC MEANS BECAUSE ITS OUR THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter O.
Hunter O.

10 years ago on Introduction

My friends (Mr. Coolman) and I made a design like this. We call it the SAC.