Super Cute Apron!!!!





Introduction: Super Cute Apron!!!!

Here's how to sew a super cute Apron! Enjoy!



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    This is very beautiful! I loved the video and understood it all. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great day! 5 STARS!

    I'm several years too late. Would anyone still have this pattern?

    This is a great apron for Mother's Day! My Hip Mother will LOVE this Apron, thank you so much for your beautiful idea. I have been telling her for years that she needs and apron and I think she hasn't bought on because she doesn't want to feel old. This apron will make her feel young again. I am waiting to see what you come up next, God Bless.

    I love this apron!
    i just have a question about the mannequin you have. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

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    Thanks :D Glad you like it!
    I got mine in Amsterdam.... if you are from Holland I can give you the address, its the Lady Lewenstein mannwuin you should be able to get it on line too i think ;)

    Cool! I got mine at DC Fournituren in Amsterdam, their website has the address of the place but I think you can also buy it on line!
    I like the Lady Lewenstein because it's very adjustable and it has a layer on it where you can pin the garment to the doll, unlike many other mannequins this one has a bum and upper legs too so you can also make pants! Only thing that could be a little better is that it isnt very heavy (could be a good thing) but for me, i'd like it a little more sturdy! Other than that i'm still very pleased with my purchase :D
    Hope this helps!