Super Easy Laptop Light

Introduction: Super Easy Laptop Light

My wife hated it when I would keep the bedroom light on when I was on my laptop completing research or something like that so I decided to take one of the mini LED lights she bought me for Christmas form Radio Shack and some #6 AWG insulated ground wire and made this:

Step 1: The Components

First I took a little round LED button light my wife found at Radio Shack and some #6 AWG ground wire I had on my truck. You only need less than 2 feet so if you don't have any don't buy it. Find your nearest telephone repairman or electrical worker (Power Company) and ask POLITELY and they will most likely give you more than you need.

Step 2: Bending the Wire

Bending the wire is easy. I used my Gerber multi-tool but you can use some stout needle nose if you have some. I recommend not using side cutters as the jaws are not narrow enough for some of the bends.

For the light holder I simply wrapped the ground wire around the SKINNIER part of the light. I did this because wire has to be bent further than you want it to be when you are done. It will spring back a little. I used the skinnier part because I wanted the light to simply rest on top of the wire.

Next you'll need to bend the wire where it attaches to the laptop lid (or screen if you prefer to call it that). You should not use the computer to actually mold the wire so use your guessing power to decide how much of a loop to make around the lid.

You will need to start below the top of the lid but just above the screen and wrap it over the top, down about an inch or two, bending it to the side, back up the back of the lid, over the top and then a fancy loop to finish it off.

Step 3: You're Done

Simply place the holder on the lid, turn on your light and place it on top of the big loop. You're done.



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    10 Discussions

    Learn to touch type? That or get a Macbook, they have backlit keys! Assuming that's the intention of having a light.

    5 replies

    No, I don't touch type. I just like having a light on my keyboard. I used to have a very old laptop for work that had glow in the dark keys. that was neat.

    Totally an idea for an Instructable, painting under the key tray and the keys with a luminescent paint.

    only pros and airs have those, my family has a macbook so we're left out.... :(

    This was a very cool idea so I made one of my own. I also thought it would be cool to make it using the USB cable power. My Macbook must be to old to have back lit keys. Oh well, here are some pictures of mine. I made a desktop lamp version. The wire seems to be more than enough to hold it up.


    That's a good thought. I only chose this light because I had one on hand and since it is an LED and there were 4 in a pack for $4 I thought it would be neat. It also doubles as a flashlight when I'm done and putting everything back into the bag. Thanks for the feedback though.

    Right now its good, just ideas for improvement. I might make myself a version that is usb powered and rechargeable........ God job though