Super Easy Heart Shaped Cake. No Special Pan Needed!!





Introduction: Super Easy Heart Shaped Cake. No Special Pan Needed!!

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Using 2 pans that are the same size you can make a heart shaped cake!!

Step 1: Materials

Use a circle and square pan that are the same size. If you use an 8 inch square pan, also use a 8 inch square pan. Bake your cakes!!

Step 2: Cut the Circle Cake in Half.

That's it.

Step 3: Place Each Half on Top and Side of Square Cake.

Easy!  still confused, see diagram.

Step 4: Frost Cake and Enjoy!

It's a pretty big single layer cake. For 2 layer cake, use 4 pans or repeat instructable. =)



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    That is amazing

    Best idea ever

    Looks cool, I'd love to see this actually done! I think it looks like I may have something to do this weekend... :D

    2 replies

    I've made it for years, I will probably making one for work this year. I will post pics if I do. Please feel free to comment with your pics if you do it.