Super Garbage Can-vac

Introduction: Super Garbage Can-vac

Looking for something of a higher capacity for your clean up project?
I wanted to remove old, moldy blown in insulation, but did not want to hire someone, or blow my budget.
So I took an old vacuum cleaner & a 42 Gallon garbage can & made one!

Things you need :
Old Vacuum (I used a stand up, but you should be able to modify any)
Garbage Can
Some fabric.
Some sort of adhesive
Knowledge of power tools

First Step : 
Disassemble your vaccum..
Check it out thoroughly.
Mine was configured with a normal 'head' and no good hose attachment.
Fortunatly the old bag connector fit a common hose I had.
I attacked the plastic chasis with my dremel & did a few things:
1) created a 4 inch section from the vacuum output that basically used to be the stem of the upright so that I could stick it into the lid of the garbage can.
2) cut down the old floor part where the vacuum beater head was till I just had a flat surface by the vacuum input.
3) cut down the bag connector so that it had a flat surface opposite the plastic that fit the hose.

Then Super glued the piece that became my hose attachment to the flat surface by the vacuum input.
When that dried, and set, I caulked that fitting with silicon sink adhesive (I think any silicon should work) - I did that because I had no other plastic adhesive handy.
That created a fairly good attachement point for the hose, but was not structural enough to use to attach to anything.

The stem that comes out of the vacuum & goes into the garbage can lid was designed to mate with the motor, and had a nut/bolt so I left that as is & can use it to detach the vacuum from the lid if needed.
The other end had a plastic bracket for attachements to the vaccuum which I drilled a hole in.
I then built a wooden frame that could screw to that & be solid on 1 side of the garbage can lid.
For the outside of the lid I cut a plywood U Shaped Plate.
I pre-drilled holes for screws through that & the lid & made sure it all lined up & I could get a solid fit.
Then take that apart & caulk/seal around that hole & the vacuum cleaner exhaust section. 
Then I screwed that all together so it attaches solidly with the lid.

In another part of the lid, I cut the holes seen below.
Then I put down more glue & pressed the cloth onto it to make a roughly air-tight seal.
I let that sit to cure & now I have an super garbage can Vac without modifying the bucket.

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