Super Macro Inversion Lens

Introduction: Super Macro Inversion Lens

A few days ago polarizing filter for my minolta 50 f1, 7, I slipped from my hands and broke. I wanted to try a bit of DIY and therefore, with simple steps, I revived the frame of the polarizing filter and the core optics of an old yashica j mini-film.
For the first pass I disassembled the old car yashica with small screw being very careful not to touch the capacitors, usually, the machine uses to power the flash, they may retain a residual charge very strong even after a long time.
I then extract the core fixed 32mm lens with a permanent marker and I drew on an expired card of Saturn, the frame shape of the polarizing filter and the small lens design centering the eye (ifyou want you canhelpwith a rulerora compass).
I cut out everything proceeding carefully with small scissors and Swiss boxcutter.
In the end everything went interlocking little frame-card-lens and gave a touch of black marker on the parts of the card still visible and colorful.
I made a collage of the phases and of the results, the magnification is great but it all works in manual focus the autofocus of the camera does not quite get focusing, given the very narrow depth of field and the very restrictedminimum distance offocus

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