Super Magical Treats for Your Treat:)

Introduction: Super Magical Treats for Your Treat:)

I made this box as a gift for my boyfriend for valentines day. he was far away from me and i wanted to up the ante from the regular cookies in a box.

I thought up a concept where i got some regular ingredient- cookies, popcorn etc - reimagined them repackaged them and labeled them.

I also wrote a letter which I will tell you about in the last step to "My king" pretending to be  a princess on an adventure gathering  secret ingredients for a spell.. The whole project took only couple of hours to make and came out super cute:)

okay it took like days to make it up, but the execution was quite painless.

Step 1: Parts From the Gingerbread House

I got some ginger cookies broke them up. i cut the edges of a ziplock bag and saw it back together with a thick thread.

Step 2: Unicorn Poop

chocolate covered almonds! i crumbled up wax paper and tied it with piece of string. buy the jumbo almonds. they do look like droppings;)

Step 3: Preserved Gnome Brains

i think that was originally a tea sampler box but any small cardboard box will do.

i covered it with white tape outside and tin foil inside drew the edges on with a black thick sharpie.
the actual brains are caramel popcorn. the caramel gives is a shinier brown finish. mini brains!
go through the bag i found some real nice brainy pieces.

Step 4: Fat Dragon

i didn't take an individual picture of it but i got bacon jerky and mushed it into a lil jar. the jar was originally for instant coffee you can find it in any grocery store.

i also got some dried apple slices. the label was - the stuff snow white chocked on- but it broke into crumbles while i was trying to wrap it. i thought it was a good idea though, maybe if you put the fragile little bastards in another mini box?

let your imagination run wild. i saw these dried squid parts in a Chinese grocery store and got them as something Atlantis or mermaid related but they stank real bad:) so i challenge you to come up with more awesomeness!

Step 5: Letter

it was personal so no picture:)  try to get an old looking paper from your craft store or simply dip a sheet of paper in tea and let it dry. you can burn the edges and then roll it up.
my letter went something like this but obviously personalize it (i put travel spell because we were geographically challenged) :

My handsome King!

I hope my letter finds you in a good mood and the kingdom still stands.
I gathered the first batch of the ingredients for your travel spell.
don't forget! you must ingest all ingredients before the moon shines bright again above the lands.
i shall acquire the mermaids tail soon and will return to the castle soon.

with all my happily ever after,
princess xxy

you will be the coolest girlfriend/wife ever trust me. or i was thinking you could make this for a kids birthday.
have fun!

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