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Introduction: Super Meatloaf Sandwich

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 I LOVE meatloaf sandwiches, I did an "ible" a while back about making a huge meatloaf especially for sandwichs, the meatloaf was good but the slices weren't really sandwich size. Then not so long ago I was watching a cooking show and they reheated the meatloaf for a sandwich on the flat top, one thought led to another and I thought about making sandwich size meatloaf. Last week it was brought back to mind when I found the perfect mold while urban gold mining

 Meatloaf is a great budget extender and with todays meat prices soaring it should be one of a cooks standard go too's

Step 1: Ingredients

If you read the other meatloaf "ible" you'll see some of the ingredients have changed, that's one thing that makes meatloaf so great, it's totally adaptable.

 1lb package of ground beef
 1lb package of hot breakfast sausage
  1 can of red kidney beans, black beans, garbonzo beans, white beans would all work
  2 eggs
  bread crumbs
  salt and pepper
  steak sauce
  Worcestershire sauce
  bell peppers

Step 2: Lets Get Started

I opened the 2 tubes of meat and placed in a large pot ( I couldn't find my large mixing bowl)

I made my bread crumbs from the broken remains of chips, you could use stale bread, croutons, instant oats, corn flakes, wheaties they are used as a filler and binder so use your imagination.

 I then drained a can of kidney beans and whirled them in the processor.

 I chopped up a red and green pepper and an onion into med small cubes

 Dumped all the above in the pot with the meat

 Then cracked and added 2 eggs to the mix along with a big tablespoon of garlic and salt and pepper.

 Add a couple glugs of steak and Worcestershire sauce

Step 3: Mix

nothing works better for mixing thoroughly than what you were born with

Step 4: Mold

Here is where it gets different, of course you could use a loaf pan or form a loaf on a baking sheet and bake at 350f for 1hr

 OR  use a mold !

  I laid a piece of plastic wrap over my mold and pressed the meat mixture inside. I turned the mold over a foil wrapped cooking tray sprayed with cooking spray. My tray held 4 "meatloafs"

  I cooked them in a 350f oven for 35 minutes

 The mold held more than I thought, with all the above ingredients I was able to fill the mold 6 times, in retrospect I would probably fill them a little less

Step 5: Not Ready Yet

Ok they could be ready to eat right from the oven, just build a sandwich but I preferred to let them cool in the refrigerator for a couple hours

Step 6: Sandwich Time !

Here's what I was looking forward to ! I placed the cooled meatloaf in a super hot frying pan, listening to it sizzle and pop as it developed a nice crust, then I flipped it and added cheese then waited for it to melt... 2 slices of bread and some spicy salsa and it was time to EAT !

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    After reading your meatloaf instructable I decided we needed some man food prepared - out into the kitchen, no women allowed, hour n a half later happy stuffed man - what could, be better - to be fair the wife and the boy liked it too.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I really enjoy being in the kitchen, at least until it comes to cleaning up ! If it was just my kids making compliments I would accept it as normal but I have numerous requests from friends for different dishes like Taco salad, chili, bacon and bleu cheese potato salad, shredded beef and several others. Get out in the kitchen and have fun, I've had my share of failures and " Dad don't make this agains" but the success's far outweigh the failures


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I didn't intend to make them so BIG but it will definitely put a dent in any appetite! I may be biased but it's really tasty as well.. Of course anyone making this style could use their own meatloaf recipe