Super-slim, Cool-lookin, EMI-shielding Wallet




Introduction: Super-slim, Cool-lookin, EMI-shielding Wallet

Ever get tired of carrying around a huge honkin' leather wallet?
Want to impress your hipster friends with your wacky style?
Worried about your credit cards getting erased by all those stray electromagnetic fields you've been hearing about?

Then this is the wallet for you.

Step 1: Cut Pieces

grab the anti-static bag that your CD-ROM burner came in, and cut it into tiny pieces.

9 pieces 2.3" by 4.5"
1 piece 4.5" by 9"

Step 2: First Pocket

tape two pieces together, with their long edges 0.4" apart. Sew them along the opposite edge.

Step 3: Second Pocket

do it again: Another piece, offset by 0.4" along the long edge. Sew along the other edge

Step 4: Third Pocket

do it once more

Step 5: Make the Second Set of Pockets

make another set of pockets, just like the first set

Step 6: Join the Two Sides

Put the two sets of pockets back-to-back, with the last piece of plastic between them. Make sure the last piece sticks out 0.4" along the long edge. Tape the long edges in place.

Now, fold back three pockets on each side, and run a single seam, 0.4" from the left edge as shown.

Step 7: Sides of Pockets

Run two seams from the top down to about the middle of the wallet, on each side, as shown.

These are finish seams, so make sure you do the reverse trick at the ends.

Step 8: Attach Outer Flap

Attach the outer flap by sewing a three-sided seam as shown. This is also a finish seam, so make sure to reverse at both ends.

Also: Be sure not to go too far up near the top of the wallet; if you do, your money pocket will be very tight.

Step 9: Trim

Trim around all your seams. Turn the wallet over and trim the outer flap to your desired shape.

Step 10: Load and Go!

Put your most used cards in the front pockets.

Put your least used cards in the back pockets.

Put your money in the money pocket.

You're all set to go, in lush, slim, silvery, EMI-proof style!



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    19 Discussions

    Really like this

    I'm an upholsterer so I'm a little particular about stitching.

    Some Suggestions:

    1. Increase your stitch length. The material between close stitches has a tendancy to tear. It'll still hold and be more aesthetically pleasing.
    2. Reduce the thread tension. The thinner the material, the less tension you need.

    Practice on scraps before you begin your project to find the perfect balance!

    fortunately, I amaze with ur idea..thx for the idea...hmmmm...its smell money. better to make business with it...

    ...what a spiffy idea!! dad has a bunch of that lying around......hmmmm might make you a good rating

    Tweeks is must be made of wire mesh. I found this site http://www.rfidblockr.comThere wallets, passorts covers are made of copper mesh that creates a true faraday cage. DIFRwear only uses tinfoil in their products but it still works but I think will last later because it is copper wire mesh.

    maybe adding a clip from a 9v battery halved and on a strip like on the wraparoundish things to shut it? I dunno but Great Instructable! My wallet was getting lame!

    Nice cool instructable dident quite understand it all but cool.


    11 years ago

    i know this is old, but still point 1 : this material is indeed electrically conductive to prevent static, static often charges to many thousands of volts this material is designed to prevent that. Point 2 : A EMI sheilding pouch for mobile phones?! Mobile phones for by EM radiation, so wrapping your phone in shielding would block it from getting any signal too...

    are there other places i can get this meterial besides as a packing material

    1 reply

    You can try the Shieldon fabrics:


    12 years ago

    Try theas shielding fabrics: It might work


    12 years ago

    check out these sites refered by newsletter
    how about clothing and accessories that are shielded for persons concerned about EMI, RFI shielding and RFID crackers, etc. ??? marketable ???
    sample ad "only wear clothing and accessories that carry the ------- logo to protect yourslf from EMI RFI emmisions.
    cell phones with shielded enclosures to protect against blue tooth sniffers and RFID crackers....


    12 years ago

    has any one tried making a shielded pouch for cell phones ?

    If you are looking for an RFID blocking wallet, try It's an article about how to make an RFID blocking wallet using aluminum foil and duct tape. Haven't tried it myself though. I don't use any RFID cards so I would have no way to check. Though I like this idea. I am making a tri-fold version of this wallet. I like that the material will be much thinner than the leather wallet I currently use.


    12 years ago

    That stuff is for ESD (electro static discharge) protection. Not EMI or RFI protection. If you want to stop RFID waves, you will need a wire mesh with a mesh size 1/4 (or smaller) than the frequency wave length. In your case.. regular window screen should be fine.. but is not flexible. Google for "Faraday Cage" to get an understanding behind the tech. This is.. if you you want to build something more than just a shiny wallet. ;) Tweeks

    That material isn't EMI shielding, it's simply electrically conductive so as static charge doesn't build up on electronic devices that aren't in situ, connected to power and, consequently, have a path to earth/ground.

    Looks cool... don't expect it to actually work, though. I tested the material using a closed bag with my RFID security access card and it made zero impact on the distance the card was detected from the reader. The material is static dissipative, but not EMI blocking in the frequency range used by RFID cards. Magnetic fields are not affected by this material either, so it cannot protect the mag stripes on your credit cards, etc. Highly conductive metal foil (iron/steel for magnetic shielding) is needed for EMI shielding.


    12 years ago

    Cool idea-I recently experimented with this material... I found the thin heat sealing wire on one of those home vacuum sealers will bond this stuff together perfectly! May save you on some stitches, or to make sealed bags for larger items you may want to protect from EMI. ehmbee