SuperHero Training Academy




For a themed birthday party, I decided to go with a SuperHero Training Academy.  The party goers showed up in their street clothes because they were, of course, in training and didn't have their abilities, super powers, or superhero names given to them yet....they were earned.  Everyone from the kids to the adults were participating!  As soon as they reached the door, they were given a TOP SECRET file containing information about themselves (i.e. name, powers, weaknesses, AND whether they were a villian or hero.  Also in the file were the following tasks (games)  that needed to be completed for them to earn their SuperHero status:

1. CATCH THE BANK ROBBER- In this task, the trainees were given sticky stretchy hands (bought at the party store) and had to use these to pick up the money (board game money/bills) and catch the bank robber.  The trainee with the most amount of money brought in was the winner.

2. CAPTURE THE VILLIAN- In this task, the trainees used darts to target the evil villians hiding in the building (each villian was placed in a cardboard building window with a certain amount of points attached).  The trainee with the most number of points was the winner.

3. AGILITY- In this task, trainees needed to run as fast as they could without getting hit by the villan's evil power.  Villians stood on one side of the lawn and threw water-soaked nerf balls at the trainees as they ran past.  The trainee with the fewest hits was the winner.

4. SAVE THE CITIZEN- In this task, the trainees ran through an obstacle course where they tested their endurance as well as saving a poor citizen who was captured by a villian (we used a doll for the captured citizen).  The trainee with the fastest time was the winner.

At the end of the tasks, all trainees received their prizes...They won their own SuperHero uniforms!  (t-shirts with iron-on patches of their new SuperHero name and symbol)



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