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About: Hi!, I`m Levi I`m back building! and i play Videogames like Fifa 14/15

Hey Guys,i just want to share my roller coaster on instructables. i`ve build this whole weekend on my new coaster called: Supersonic,it was inspired by Tomisdabomb02 Air Strike.It Its my second custom Rollercoaster. This coaster Got 1 Immelman and 1 Corkscrew the coaster using only tubesupports at the Immelman. This coaster is not very big or something its a small one with a tire drive!.Video coming as fast as i can. The station is not done yet and im waiting for my second SS set that im getting on Thursday ( 12-12-13 ). So i have 4 trains on that coaster and 4 trains for the video!.Hope u like it!. :D

Hey guys!, a new update of my coaster. I finally finish the whole coaster and video! hope u enjoy!

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