Superbowl XLVI Vinyl Wall Decor

Introduction: Superbowl XLVI Vinyl Wall Decor

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Getting ready for a Superbowl party?  Need some wall decorations?  How about Vinyl Wall Decor.  The techniques here are for Superbowl XLVI Giants vs. Patriots, but can be adapted in the future by changing the helmet designs and Roman numerals. 

Vinyl Sheets in helmet colors
  Giants: Blue, Red, White
  Patriots: Silver, Red, Blue, White
Vinyl Sheets for football: Brown
Vinyl Sheets for Roman Numerals: Gold or Black
Printout of the helmet designs
Pencil / Pen for tracing

Step 1: Make the Giants Helmet

  1. On your printed image cut the helmet along the outside edges.
  2. Trace the helmet shape onto the back of the blue vinyl with the image facing up.
  3. Cut the details out of the printed image
  4. Trace the details onto the back of the appropriate colored vinyls
    **The NY for New York needs to be put onto the back of the white vinyl UPSIDE DOWN**
  5. Cut the helmet and details out of the vinyls
  6. Remove the sticker backing off the details one at a time and place the details onto the helmet

Step 2: Make the Patriots Helmet

This is almost the same as the Giants helmet except:
  • The helmet is traced to the back of the vinyl upside down in order for the two helmets to be looking at each other.
  • ALL pieces are put onto the back of the vinyl upside down.
  • The Patriot's icon is layered vinyl onto the helmet.

Step 3: Make the Football

All the Roman Numeral pieces for the football are cut placed onto the back of the vinyl upside down.  The football doesn't matter since it is symmetrical.

Make sure to put the Roman Numerals onto the football without removing the sticker back to see if you need any overhang, and put them into the correct numeric order!

On the back of the football, if any Roman Numerals Overhung you need to put sticker backing back onto it so that it is still sticky for the wall.

Step 4: Put Them Together

Put all the pieces together and stick to the wall.  The vinyl comes off easily when the parties over and doesn't leave a mark on the paint.  (I never tried it on wall paper to see if it rips the paper)

The best part is that the same techniques can be used for other helmets and the football just needs new Roman Numerals for next year.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I was thinking if I had done them in reverse they could have been used as car window decals :\ day late dollar short


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!