Superbowl Team Cupcakes!!

Introduction: Superbowl Team Cupcakes!!

these cupcakes are simple, easy, fun, and super super creative.

what you will need:
one box white cake mix
4 egg whites
1/2 cup oil
1 1/2 cups water
large bowl
white frosting
squirter tool for frosting
baking pan
cupcake liners
food die
oreo cookeis
an imagination(:

Step 1: Step One!

mix cake batter
split into who bowls
die one bowl purple(ravens)
die one bown yellow (49ers)
line cupcake tray with liners
pour in batter
put in over at 350 for 10 min

Step 2: Step Two!

while cupcakes are in oven:
split cans of frosting
1/4 die red (49ers)
1/4 die yellow(ravens)
leave 1/2 white

after cupcakes are cooled:
take a spoon (no knife!!!)
spread a small amount of yellow frosting on the purple cupcakes
spread a small amount of red frosting on yellow cakes

after frosted:
take a squirter and a swirl tip
put dots of frosting around the outer edge of the cupcakes
add half oreo cookie on top fr football topping



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