Supercharge Your Web Browsing on a Raspberry Pi!

Introduction: Supercharge Your Web Browsing on a Raspberry Pi!

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Hey everyone!
I have a super short (but super awesome) instructable today.

I stumbled across the Puffin Internet Terminal for Raspberry Pi, and it's pretty amazing. This is how you can install it for yourself.

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Step 1: Download the System Image.

Go to and download the appropriate package. This instructable is assuming that you're installing your system from scratch.

I downloaded the English version.

Step 2: Download Balena Etcher

Go to Download and install the version of Etcher that is compatible with your desktop computer.

Step 3: Flash the Puffin Internet Terminal .img to a Micro SD Card

Unzip the downloaded .img file that you downloaded form

Open Etcher.

Click "Select Image"

Browse to the Puffin Internet terminal .Img file, click "open".

Click "Select Drive"

Select the Micro SD card that you want to flash the image to. WARNING!! This will overwrite ALL OF THE DATA ON THIS CARD. Proceed with caution.

Click "Flash" and wait a few minutes for the process to finish.

Step 4: Insert the Micro SD Card Into the Raspberry Pi.

Eject the Mirco SD card that you just flashed form your computer.

Insert this Micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi.

Power On the Raspberry Pi.

You are now ready to use the Puffin Browser on Raspberry Pi.

Enjoy...It's lightning fast.

You can see my review of the browser in the video above.

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