Supercharge and Convert a Unipolar Stepper to Bipolar (28BYJ-48)



Introduction: Supercharge and Convert a Unipolar Stepper to Bipolar (28BYJ-48)

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this is an easy guide to convert an ultra cheap unipolar (28BYJ-48) stepper to a bipolar stepper

by converting it you will increase the torque from ~ 330 g-cm to ~800 g-cm

since the stepper is super cheap (2-3$) this is an ideal choice for low torque applications. and you will be able to use a4988 stepper drivers

Step 1: Buy Some Stuff

unipolar stepper links:


a4988 stepper drivers:


Step 2: Convert It

1- remove the blue covering over the pcb and cut trace as shown in the picture

in the process you are removing the link between the two coils .

2- de-solder the middle wire from the pcb

connect it to the a4988 like a regular bipolar stepper and enjoy;

you might need a cnc shield like this



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