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Introduction: Supereasy Pipe/round Bar Centre Finder

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this is something i cannot get without lately; soo so easy when you want to drill in pipes,tubes and full rounds.

just place it in your drillpress to find the exact centre!.

Step 1: How Is It Made?

1. find a round bar the fits your drill press.(most drillpresses go upto 13mm or even upto 16mm for big ones)

I took a 12mm since that was what i have.

2.find an L profile that is not too big.

I took a 25mm one and cut it with the metalsaw to a width of about 1cm.

3. joining the 2 parts together.

This can be tricky since its ALL about positioning it EXACTLY right before welding those two together.

you should find a perfect flat table and then something the can hold the bar exactly straight on top of the Lprofile. every missallignment will be seen in your pipes that you will drill.

If done right you will have the same as in the picture.

and then you can see how easy it is. see next step...

Step 2: How It Works.

  • so i take a round piece of wood and put it nicely flat into the vice.
  • i put the centrefinder in the drillpress.
  • i drop the drillpress down like i would drill(but without the turning!)
  • it will selfallign with the loose vise
  • strap the vice at place.
  • put the drillpress back in the up position.
  • take it out the head and put your drill in it.
  • if everything is hold nicely in place drill the hole.

it should be perfect like this.(well, in my case it works every time...)

Step 3: Same Goes for Squares and Pipes

this works for most stuff you want to drill in the centre.

if you are a little bit carefully you will notice this thing is a real time saver.

the trick is to make the centrefinder perfect in allignment. all the rest is piece of cake...

i could not give you the making of since i didn't make pics while welding(needed my hands for that, lol)

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Jörgen Börg 2017

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    2 years ago

    Thats a pretty good idea


    Reply 2 years ago

    Nice! Upgrade this by using a section of pipe/tube/drilled-out-rod instead of a solid rod so you can use that to predrill a centred spotting hole anywhere without needing a drill press.