Superfast and Easy Sausage and Egg Breakfast

Introduction: Superfast and Easy Sausage and Egg Breakfast

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Aside from mixing those cereals with milk, you can whip up egg (protein) and sausage (another protein, and any for as long as it's sliced) for your breakfast...

Join me in watching 90 seconds Egg and sausage really fast breakfast ....

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You may dribble in any sauce you like, any garnishings, any bread and it's SURE guaranteed you will have a perky day in the office...I wish I have a sous vide and cook the perfect egg EVEN inside their shell or break the shell and place it inside a resealable bag, sprinkle some seasonings and there you go egg breakfast.

The "egg cookset" and sous vide in this competition could also be the answer to cooking PERFECT EGGS (always!) in the morning....DREAMING zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Microwave the sliced sausage 30 seconds, cover to prevent splatters.

Add and beat the egg together with cooked sliced sausage, add seasoning salt and pepper some dried parsley. Cover and microwaved for 30 seconds.

Take out the bowl from the microwave, remove stretch tite food wrap or cover and stir the half cooked egg and sausage.

Cover again and microwaved for the last or final 30 seconds.

Serve on any bread. Garnish with whatever pleases you with your breafast sandwich!

Total 90 seconds cooking

Total mis-en-place around 2 minutes - looking for a clean bowl, looking for the food plastic wrap, getting the egg from the fridge, getting the sliced precooked sausage etc.

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