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Introduction: Superhero Cake - Everybody Can Do It!

Welcome back!

In this Instructable, me and my fiancée will show you how to make a Fondant cake with the basic tools everybody have in a kitchen.
We are preparing all the details for our daughters christening, and a cake was one of the things. First we wanted to buy one but when we saw the price we agreed, it had to be possible to make one ourself!

So without any experience or special tools we wanted to see how good a cake we could make and then evaluate the result to see if we could make our own to the christening.

Let's get to it!

Step 1: Preparing.

We found some recipes online and saw that you had to have some kind og wall to support the mousse between the layers of the cake, while it stiffened.

We did not have one so we made one with hard papir and tinfoil. (see pictures)
We found a bowl that had the diameter we wanted and then taped it together in that size.
Cut out the bought cake layers with the same bowl measurement.

Step 2: Making the Mousse

We made two mousses Chocolate and Raspberry, but search the web! there are tons of different types of mousses. Pick whatever you like! The recipe for ours is here:

125g chocolate
1/2 L whipcream

Heat the cream to 90 degrees (stir while heating) and then add the chopped chocolate. stir till completely mixed and then take it off the heat. whisk it for a minute and let it cool down a little.

150g frozen raspberry
1/4L whipcream
2 sheets of gelatine

Put the gelatine in cold water and let it stay there until you need it (about 5 min). Put the raspberry in a pot and heat on medium heat until "melted". Take up the gelatine and twist free of water, and mix with the raspberry.
Whisk the cream to whipped cream and turn together with the raspberry and gelatine mix.

Step 3: Mixing the Layers

Find a small plate/cutting-board and place a sheet of baking paper over it. Lay the bottom layer on the baking paper and place the tinfoil wall on it.

Add raspberry, then layer, then chocolate, then top off with a cake layer.

Set to stiffened in the fridge, for at least 4 hours. If you have the time the best thing is to let it stay the night over.

Step 4: Release the Cake!

Hope for the best! The cake should be stiff and stand by it self. If it is liquid it is either, a wrong mix of the ingredients, or it had not enough time in the fridge.

Step 5: Making the Buttercream

Before we can put on the fondant we need to make the cake smooth and flat.
This is where we use buttercream. It also helps to make it possible to adjust the fondant while laying it.

You will need:

113g unsaltet butter - Room temp.
113g salted butter(Lurpak) - Room temp.
225g palmin(coconut fat) - Room temp.
900g powderd sugar
3 tsp. vanilla extract
100ml orange juice.

Whip butter and palmin together. If it is to stiff you can nuke it for some seconds to make it more manageable. add the powdered sugar with a sift, to make the substance smooth. Mix together. Add vanilla and juice. Mix together.

Step 6: Making a Smooth Surface

Add a thin layer of butter cream. Then try to smoothing it out with something flat.
A trick here is to make the smoothening tool wet. Then it dont stick to much to the cream.

When done put the cake into the fridge to make the cream stiff. (the butter makes it possible)

Step 7: Readying the Fondant

Here the picture more or less speaks for them self.

We bought the fondant ready made to make it easier for us.
On a piece of baking paper put a thin layer of corn starch. Then roll the fondant flat. Roll it until it is about 2-3mm thin.

To lay the fondant gentle, lay it on to the rolling pan an use it to place the fondant on the cooled cake. (see pictures)

The make the batman logo we found a picture online and printed it out. We used this to cut the correct shape out of the fondant.

To the sides we used a 3D printed cookie cutter too make the shapes.

Step 8: Putting It Together

On the top part it is enough to use a small amount of water to make the fondant stick together.

On the sides it is a good idea to use a very small amount of butter cream to make it stick.
We placed a small amount with a spoon and then spread it to the edges. BUT! don't use to much! it will show when you press it to place, and it is a pain to remove again! The first failed because we used to much.

Step 9: DONE!

It is done!

We hope you enjoyed!

If you liked out first attempt to make a fondant cake and our Instructable, feel free to let us know!
A Vote would help us a great deal! And it would inspire us to make more Instructables like this.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Untill nextime!

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    2 years ago

    This looks so good and it is such a cool way to do layers!


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    Thank you! Also very easy ;)