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My Hubby and I were married 4 days before Christmas.  We came to the agreement that we would not exchange gifts on our anniversary, after all Christmas was only 4 days away.  Instead we create cards for each other.  I usually scrapbook mine and he creates his on the computer.   This is an Instructable on how I created the stamp which is the main part of this year’s Anniversary card.  Here we go.

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Step 1:

Supplies: (not everything is shown on the picture)
Blue cardstock (8.5”x11” folded in half)
White cardstock
Black “Staz On” stamp pad (+/- $8)
Cricut machine
Sure Cuts a Lot Computer program (no longer available for the Cricut, they lost the law suit)
Cricut Deep Cut Blade & Housing ($29.00 at
Cricut Stamp Refills ($9.99 at
12”x12” new cutting mat (not shown)
Piece of clear acrylic for the base for the stamp (left over from another project)
Access to Internet
A variety of coloring mediums (crayons, markers, pastel chalks, water color pencils, and Gamsol Magic supplies, or whatever you like)
Double stick tape

Step 2:

I made my hubby a Superman t-shirt for Christmas.  So I decided to make an anniversary card to go with it. First I did a Google search for a Superman symbol. I found the one that would make a great stamp. I saved it onto my hard drive.  Then I opened the Sure Cuts a Lot program.  I clicked on the picture symbol and then found the Superman symbol on the hard drive and opened it up. 

Step 3:

Clicked on preview and it was just what I wanted for a stamp.  I clicked on okay and it appeared on the on screen mat.

Step 4:

I clicked and dragged the symbol in the upper left hand corner and I made it smaller by clicking and dragging the lower right hand corner. 

Step 5:

I wanted to make a card that is 5.5” x 8.5” (this fits anA7 envelope). So I made it about 4 inches tall.  The symbol is wider than it is tall.  #1 is the button for locating the picture. #2 is the spot to resize the picture and #3 is where you click to cut.

Step 6:

Next I opened my Cricut machine and I exchanged my regular blade housing (green)

Step 7:

for my deep cut blade housing (blue). 

Step 8:

I put the 6”x6” piece of Cricut Stamp Refill in the upper right hand corner of the brand new mat and I loaded the mat into the machine.  The blade length was set at 4.5 and the pressure 4.   

Step 9:

I clicked on the cut Icon and the program brought up that it was connected to the Cricut and started to cut. 

Step 10:

  Soon it was done and I unloaded it from the machine. 

Step 11:

I weeded away the parts I didn’t need for my stamp

Step 12:

and I put the Superman symbol out line on to the acrylic block that I had. Remember to but it on the block backwards, so that when you stamp it, it will read right. It is delicate enough that it took a little bit to get the lines straight.  That looks good.

Step 13:

I inked the stamp with the Staz On ink pad.  I use Staz On because it is a permanent ink that wouldn’t smear if gotten wet.  It will stick to almost anything. 

Step 14:

Anyway, I stamped 5 copies of the stamp on white cardstock. 

Step 15:

Then I proceeded to color each one with a different method. I then cut each one out and put it up against blue paper. The one I like best will go on my card.  #1 Crayon, #2 Marker, #3 pastel chalk, #4 water color pencil, and #5 Gamsol magic (I used this method here:  See if you can tell which one I liked the best.

Step 16:

Yep, that’s the one I like best.  I used double stick tape and attached it to the front of my card.  Of course the inside says. “You are my Superman!” (Blush)  Enjoy!
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