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Intro: Superman USB

Things you need to make this awesome Superman USB:

1. The toy, you can use any small toy for it , I got mine in a cereal box . It projects a superman logo.

2. Some electric tape ( A blue one , I ran out of it so ) used a green one to show

3. An old pendrive or any other. Mine pen drive's case broke so I used this to cover it up

4. A screw set to open.

5. A solder to perfectly melt the plastic and a place the pendrive in it

Step 1: How to :

Steps :

1.Use the solder to remove excess plastic from the piece to make room for the pendrive to fit in. Fig 2.1

2. To adjust the pen drive in the case use some plastic pieces .(NOTE : Don't use paper or cotton or thermocol(Polystyrene) THEY MAY BURN DUE TO HEAT)

3. After placing in it check whether sufficient length is outside or not ( If not the pendrive won't be readable in the pc)

4. Screw back the pieces .

5.To make it look more awesome , Use some electric tape on the logo in the front and press it using fingers like shown in FIGURE 2.2 and 2.3

6.Carefully using blade or cutter cut along the part to get a finished design shown in Fig 2.4

7. Voila You have a brand new pendrive .



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    3 Discussions

    Anirudh Ralhan

    1 year ago

    Nice. But is this usable?? I saw that the corner of that the Superman logo toy overlaps the USB...

    2 replies
    kmanchandaAnirudh Ralhan

    Reply 1 year ago

    Very well noticed Anirudh ;)
    Yeah it is , just need to figure out the correct length to be left-out (Hit and trial )

    I had to put some plastic in the back to support it . Thanks !