Supernova Blow Gun "marshmallow Gun"

1. Go to a local hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot and get a 2ft length of 1/2 inch PVC. Next get a 1/2 to 3/4 inch adapter for a mouthpiece.

2. when you get home, if your PVC is longer then you want it to be cut it to the length that you want it. I cut mine to 2ft.

3. Put the 1/2 to 3/4 inch adapter on one end of the shooter and test if it works properly with mini marshmallows. They are just the right size for the 1/2 inch PVC.

4. If it works perfectly now its time for decorating. I found that using Duck Tape is one of the best ways to make your Marshmallow shooter look really cool. They have so many interesting designs and colors.

5. I chose to use there galaxy tape. It looks really cool and its really durable. I called mine the "Supernova".

6. I fixed up the rough edges with some electrical tape. It makes it look "professional".

7. Its a really fun project to do at home. I calculated the speed of the Marshmallows to be around 60 mph depending on how good you are at using it.

8. I found that short strong bursts work the best because the pipe is not that long.

9. Have Fun and keep practicing.



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    25 days ago

    Nice and simple project, and looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing! : )

    1 reply

    Reply 25 days ago

    Thank you very much
    I had a lot of fun making it.