Introduction: Supplies

You will need:

White nail polish
Silver glitter nail polish (optional)
Nail pens in:
- black
- red
Or you could use any four colours you desire!

Step 1:

First paint your nail white and leave to FULLY dry, I exaggerate the word FULLY as it is very frustrating if you smudge a well painted nail. Leaving to dry will avoid you smudging it and getting annoyed!

Step 2:

Secondly you want to get your 1st nail pen and make three triangles within each other. With the point facing into the middle of your finger. Start with the big one as you can mark where you want it to start.

Step 3:

Now, grab your other colours and and repeat step 2

Step 4:

Your nails will look uber cool! But to top off the nail, lightly coat it with a silver glitter nail polish after they have FULLY dried.

Step 5:

Paint your 4 other nails with patterns you have used on the 1st nail. It looks really cool and effective!

Step 6: End Result!

And there you have it! The finished result! If you would like more nail tutorials, leave a comment or give it a heart :)




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    Cool! Just asking why is this called 'supplies?'