Support Weak Stem in Custom Shape



About: Make it yourself if you cannot buy one!

This Instructables show how to shape the weak stem plant in an indoor area.

Step 1: Why?

I start plant tomato in the office a few months ago, the stem growth very long and cannot support itself. I don't want it affect other colleague, so need to do something to control it.

Step 2: Preparation


I have 1 m used aluminum wire at the office. It is 2mm thick, but I thick 3mm or above should be better.


The photo should a pair of new chopsticks, but actually I am use a used one from my colleague :P

Step 3: Put the Chopsticks in the Pot

Step 4: Curl the Wire on the Chopstick

Step 5: Shape the Wire

Any shape should be ok.

Step 6: Twist the Stem Surround the Wire

Step 7: Fine Tune the Shape

Wait a few days for the stem become stable, then cut the extra parts of chopsticks.

Step 8: Happy Farming!



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