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Introduction: Supreme Pizza Cake

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When I do pizza, it's gotta be supreme. I'm talking peppers, sausage, cheese and the pepperoni! This red velvet cake has it all and then some. Yes you've read correctly, this is a moist red velvet cake topped with all sorts of colorful candies. This would be the perfect cake for a pizza party and a great cake if you want to fool your friends or family. Trick or treat...or both!

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You'll Need:

12" cake pan (greased and parchment lined)

Cake Batter (about 1 cup or 1/2 box cake mix)

Strawberry fruit roll ups + circle cutter

Gummy sour straws (green)

Coconut flakes, or white chocolate (grated)

Frosting -red & dark yellow

Fondant - dark yellow

knife + cake turner

Black jelly beans + small round piping tip

Step 1: Bake and Coat

Prepare the cake batter and pour into a greased and lined cake pan. The cake should only be filled about 1/3 of the way. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

After baked and cooled, remove from the pan and level the middle of the cake, leaving the outer edge of the cake the way it is. Only the center should be leveled. Crumb coat the 1 inch circumference of the cake (the crust) with yellowish brown frosting.

Step 2: Fondant Crust

To keep it simple, I added about a cup of powdered sugar to the rest of my frosting to make a soft fondant. Roll out logs of fondant and flatten with your fingers. Add the fondant to the edge of the cake in pieces and smooth it out with your fingers. Remember, the crust isn't supposed to look perfect, some cracks and bumps are okay.

To brown the fondant you can spray paint it with a brown edible paint, or torch to caramelize the fondant. I used a lighter to torch the crust. Do this as little or much as you please.

Step 3: Sauce & Toppings

Spread the red frosting onto the center of the cake and slowly drag outward to cover the fondant seam.

Cheese: Grate white chocolate, white chocolate melts or coconut flakes. I used coconut flakes because they're already shredded and can be torched to look like burnt cheese which added a nice touch to the cake.

Pepperoni: Roll out a sheet of strawberry or red fruit roll up and use a small circle cutter to cut out pepperoni. Place onto the cake.

Step 4: Sausage, Peppers and Olives

Sausage: I decided to buy a pack of brownies, crumble them and form into small messy balls. You can also use any type of moist chocolate cake for this.

Peppers: I couldn't find too many things that I could easily use for green peppers but I did have a pack of Sour Punch straws. I used the green straws by cutting them into 1 inch pieces then slicing down length wise. I also smeared it with a bit of green gel dye then placed on top of the cake.

Olives: Many things can be used as olives, but I always have jelly beans on hand. I sliced a few black ones and removed the centers with a piping tip. Place randomly onto the cake.

Step 5: Trick or Treat

I tricked a few of my family members with this cake. I actually went to a pizza shop a purchased a box which they happily sold me. It comes with the parchment already inside and I was able to place the pizza cake right on top. The oils from the cake made it look all too realistic. For most of my family, it was the sweet cake smell that gave it away.

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