Surf Fishing Rig With 2 Hooks

Introduction: Surf Fishing Rig With 2 Hooks

Surf fishing is my favourite fishing method. There are lots of rig types that you can use to catch fishes. One classical and traditional rig type that I will try to explain is 2-hooked surf fishing rig.

Component List,
* 2 rotating swivels
* monofilament main line (100cm length 0.35mm thickness)
* 2 hooks
* 2 monofilament lines for hooks (60cm length, 0.25mm thickness)
* 2 stoppers
* 2 glowing beads (phosphorus) to attrack fishes at night.

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Step 1: Rig Schematic and Overview

The main line of the rig is 0.35mm with 100cm lenght, there are 2 swivels on each side. One is for fishing rod side, other side is to lead. The important thing is here that each hook is knotted to near swivels so that hooks are far from each others.

Step 2: Hooks

I bought stopper and glowing beads from aliexpress. It was so cheap. Also foam spool is also from aliexpress. It is the most important component for spare rigs :)

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