Surfboard Chair

Introduction: Surfboard Chair

I wanted to make something unique and fun since I live at the beach. One day I came up the surf board chair. I took Aspen wood and walnut wood and glued together . Cut in to the shape of a surfboard. Measured a comfortable height towards the bottom of the board for a fin style seat to slide through. Cut the hole just a hair bigger than the fin seat and 9 degree slant. Chair is great for setting in the sand/dirt or hard surfaces. And talk about your day!



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    uh... he did... cut a board to shape.. cut another with a skinny, long tab... cut a whole in the first board near the bottom to slide the second board through... sit on it.

    Just CUT A SLIT same thickness as the cross over board.... into the Middle and thread through your board. The cross is strong !

    Or even make this an instructable

    When I have time I will make a video! Thank you!