Surfboard Drink




Difficulty Level: Easy

Time it takes: 11-12 minutes

Today we will show you how to make a beautiful and fruity summer mocktail called the “Surfboard” in short, simple steps. This instruction set is intended for the non-alcoholic version of “Tipsy Bartenders” Surfboard mixed drink. It is already a simple process, but we have broke it down into short steps to make creating this drink as easy as possible. We hope that you enjoy it!

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Step 1: What You Need Brah?



•Cutting board


• Large Spoon

•Measuring cups


•Mason jars ( or glasses of your choice)

•Ice (cubed)

Bottom layer:

•Tangerine (juice and slices)

•Pineapple juice

•Orange Powerade

•Cubed ice

Top layer:

•Blended ice

•Kiwi (half and slices)

•Blue Powerade zero

Step 2: Prep Steps:*Warning: Knife Will Be Sharp. Use Caution While Slicing*

Slice Tangerine:

•Cut in half

•Keep one half whole

Step 3: Prep Steps:

Slice Tangerine:

•Cut other half into three round slices (keep peel on)

Step 4: Prep Steps:*note Cutting Kiwi Is Messy*

Slice Kiwi:

•Cut in half long ways

•Use spoon to remove skin from both halves kiwi

Step 5: Prep Steps:

•Cut one half into four slices

•Keep one whole half

Step 6: Bottom Layer:

•Place tangerine slices in bottom sides of cup

Step 7: Bottom Layer:

•Fill mason jar half way with cubed ice (make sure tangerine slices are
inside mason jar first!)

Step 8: Bottom Layer:

•Squeeze whole half of tangerine into mason jar

Step 9: Bottom Layer:

•Peel back but do not remove pineapple chunks lid

•Pour ¼ of a cup pineapple juice into mason jar

Step 10: Bottom Layer:

•Pour ¼ of orange powerade into mason jar

Step 11: Top Layer:

Blend kiwi:

•Blend whole half of kiwi and ½ cup of ice in blender (we used 175-watt motor and it took two-to-three pulses)

Step 12: Top Layer:

•Pour ½ of a cup blue powerade zero into kiwi ice blend

•Blend together (continue adding ice or powerade until mixture has smoothie texture)

Step 13: Top Layer:

•Take lid off of the blender and pour blended mixture into
measuring cup (1 cup)

Step 14: Top Layer:

•Get spoon and place it inside mason jar

*see picture*

•Pour blended mixture directly onto spoon (in order to keep top layer from mixing with bottom layer)

Step 15: Garnish and Enjoy!

•Take sliced kiwi and pineapple chunks and place them on top

•Add in a straw


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