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Introduction: Surfboard Hammock

Just to be clear...this is a storage hammock for your surfboard...not a hammock made from a surfboard.

This is a simple storage sling for your surfboards, boogieboards, etc. Store your board off the ground and out of the way with only some rope and a wall.

Step 1: Materials and Skills

All you really need is a suitable length of rope and a way to anchor or suspend your storage hammock on the wall.

As far as skills go, knowing how to tie a couple knots might help. If you're interested in making this, there's no need to know how to surf.

Step 2: Knot That Way

My surfboard is just under 8 feet long. I've got two 4x4 inch posts along an outdoor wall that's just over 8 feet. The storage hammock is strung between these two posts.

I looped a length of rope around the two posts and tied it off. This loop forms a double backbone for the hammock.

The hammock needs to be pulled tight to support the weight of the board. Use a trucker's hitch or similar knot so that the backbone can be cinched really tight.

Step 3: Anybody Order Ribs?

Ribs keep the board in the hammock. I have two for this board, about 3 feet apart.

The depth of these ribs should be around half the width of the board. Less than half won't be enough to hold the board in. It'll pitch forward and fall out.

They're tied to the backbone with a couple half-hitches. I can slide these ribs along the backbone to find the best spot for them.

If you've made the ribs too deep, you can stagger the knots to take up some slack. Kind of like below.




Step 4: Load It Up

Put the board in and enjoy the extra legroom. This hammock actually holds both a surfboard and a boogieboard.

The cheap cord I used stretched a bit, but it's still tight enough to hold everything in.

Now I just need to make myself a hammock.

If you don't feel like scrolling down to see 'Related' instructables, check out this other surfboard rack from pirchjennifer:

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    4 Discussions

    The Rocketizer

    Cool, nice and simple, I like it. For my board i just bent two coat hangers out of shape and put them around it and hung them off the picture rail in my room.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment and for your idea. I've got a longer second board that I might hang using your technique since I'm now out of rope.