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I've been looking into shaping surfboards for quite a while now, I love surfing and so I thought I might start small with just the shaping rack. Plus, a surfboard shaping rack is useful for more that just shaping surfboards. You can use it for waxing/un-waxing your surfboard, patching it up, or just storing it. They are surprisingly easy and quite cheap to make.

Step 1: Designing Your Rack

First of all, you are going to want to design you rack. I used google sketch up but you can just draw it or use my guidelines. I used a 24 inch long 4 by 4 as the main support beam. Then I had two 22 inch long 2 by 4's coming off of that. And then I had two 6 inch long 1 by 4's to make the top part of the stand. Then i decided that I wanted carpet to prevent the wood from damaging the surfboard and just for overall protection. Then I put it in a bucket and filled the bucket with concrete to hold it in place.

Step 2: Gathering Materials

Now, you are going to need to start getting dirty and begin building your rack. You are going to need these things:
Two pieces of 4 by 4's (at least 24 inches long each)
Four pieces of 2 by 4s (at least 22 inches long each)
Four pieces of 1 by 4s (at least 6 inches long each)

Concrete (I used 90 lbs. for both buckets so about 45 lbs. each)

2 buckets



Step 3: Building the Wood Part of Your Rack

Now you can start to cut, drill, and measure... Finally. If you are following my setup, then you are going to cut two 4 by 4's to the length of 24 inches. Then cut four 2 by 4s to the length of 22 inches. Then you need to cut four 1 by 4's to the length of 6 inches. Take a 2 by 4 and then measure it against the 4 by 4. 9 inches should be below the top of the 4 by 4 to hold the 2 by 4 in place and 13 inches should be above. Then drill one 2 by 4 to each side. Then on top of the 2 by 4 drill the 1 by 4 in place. Your rack should look similar to the one in the picture. You need to do this twice, once for each separate rack.

Step 4: Adding the Base

Now you need to add your base. So, you are going to mix the concrete, using the directions on the bag, put the wood part of the rack in a bucket, and then adding about half of the concrete into the bucket, then letting it dry. It is very crucial that before the concrete fully dries, that you level out your rack so I is level. Do this for both racks.

Step 5: Carpeting and Finishing Up

Now you just have to nail/staple/screw (however you want to) the carpet to the inside of the rack as shown in the picture. Now you have a nice surfboard shaping rack. Thanks for viewing this and if you have any comments/suggestions/critiques please post in the comments.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever idea! I might use this rig one to plane doorsides - goes a lot better than asking our dogs not to move with that door between them ;)

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