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Introduction: Surfer's Wardrobe/Poncho

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Affording a little privacy is easy whilst on the go from your car to the surf! If you need a humble cover so you can change into your swimwear, then this is the Instructable for you!

Step 1: Needs...

-Two towels of similar size.
-Zip ties

Optional: rivets

Step 2: Instructions:

Lay one towel over another.

Connect two corners, and add two additional rivets to creat the shoulders of your poncho.

Tip: Towels don't stretch much, so allow for enough room to let your head (and articles of clothing) through.

Step 3: A Few More...

A few more connections at both sides of the towels creates the coverage for your poncho.

Allow for enough room to let your hands through (like pockets, to let you loosen up or dawn any clothing while still covered).

Step 4: That's It!

I used a total of 10 zip ties to put this thing together, but I prepped the connections with rivets.

4 zip ties to make the "top", and 6 (3 on L and 3 on R side) to make the "sides" of the poncho.

Step 5: Inspect

Check your work, cut off any pointy ends, and applaud your work!

Step 6: Practicality...

This poncho is reversible, easy to make and maintain, and if you used older towels, then it's fairly affordable!

Use it in all seasons, before and after surfing, to dry up, to block wind, for privacy while changing, and even for lounging around! :)

Happy surfing!



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    9 Discussions


    Jo- great idea:) my rivet maker does exactly that prior to "punching" n setting the rivets:)

    Good idea. It affords a bit of privacy for anyone pulling off the pants and on the wetsuit. I like the idea of the rivets because of the reinforcement they provide. I don't know if it would have been possible but instead of cutting the holes for the rivets and zip ties, you would use an awl to separate the fibers in the towel. That way there is no chance of unraveling the towel while in use.

    Wilgu: Really basic, and really affordable at under 30-60$ vs name brands, eh?:)

    Benny: They're there, somewhere, sometimes we just need to make them, first! You're on an island, most people are already more bare than cold climates; when I lived in Hawaii, shorts and slippers was a daily thing!

    Sunny: Thank you, this marinated in my head a while... now, it exists in my truck:)

    Moony: Likewise:)

    Ultra-I: I never notice the rivets... and they help hold the place in case any zip-ties need replacing. Additionally, they help resist tearing in the terry material:)

    I like it, I get it, but why rivets? seems like they would scratch or irritate.

    What a clever idea. I like the method you used! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a splendorous weekend!


    I'm an avid surfer and I live on a island, but I've never seen anyone wear something like this but nice idea though