CNC - Tester Enclosure




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This jig was created for testing of lightning protection module -
an electronic board which used as surge arrester.
For this project I used aluminum plate to provide the fixity of the jig -
16mm thickness, was found in junk :) .
The jig composed of polycarbonate sheet (4mm thickness),
white for body parts and transparent for the door.
The folding of the door was done with heating blower gun.
While the door is open, two support arms,
that located on the rear side, are holding the door.
To prevent safety issues, I added 2 switches under the door -
a mechanical microswitch and magnetic switch that connected in serial.
Blue LED notifies that both switches are closed and the test in process.
The shapes of all parts were drawn in Dr.Engrave S/W (provided by Roland).
The milling work was performed on Roland EGX-350 CNC machine.



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