Surge Lamp

Introduction: Surge Lamp

The Surge lamp is an open source design project to be downloaded, modified and constructed from laser cut poplar ply and powered by a simple arduino circuit and LED’s.

The laser cut form made up of 36 individual slats placed around a center radius gives the effect of bent ply around its cylindrical structure without the effort of kerfing.

The light emitted from the Surge lamp is controlled by an untrasonic sensor, using movements of the hand the light can dimmed, brightened and turned on and off.

Its design has been considered as to include a wide range of makers; through simple design, minimal parts and straightforward assembly the Surge lamp can be made by many and is not limited to individuals with a design background. In this tutorial we have provided three different designs as straightforward illustrator files and step-by-step assembly instructions.

We welcome others to generate and transform the Surge lamp. Alanah Bruce, Tom Reed, Kimi Moana Whiting

Step 1: Download and Edit Files

Three versions of the Surge lamp available for download. Illustrator files prepared for laser cutting, arranged to fit 1200mm x 600mm bed.

Step 2: Construct Your Lamp

Step 3: Build Your Electronics

Step 4:



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    5 Discussions

    Wow Super

    Wow Super

    Amazing project! Very thanks for share as a open design!

    These are beautiful! How did you wire up the lights for them?

    1 reply

    Hi Tomatoskins,
    We are just working on uploading the instructions for our electronic components. Built a simple arduino circuit with LED's. Keep a look out, will have them up by later today :)