Surival Series: Basic Altoid Survival Kit

Introduction: Surival Series: Basic Altoid Survival Kit

Every want to learn how to make an Altoid Survival Kit Easy? Well, you have come to the right place!

Step 1: Assembling Your Kit

What I have in mine top to bottom and left to right:
Altoid Tin (where I taped on the inside cover- emergency info and Exotac adhesive match striker).

First row:  2 rubber bands, 3ft of 2-inch orange duct tape, 5ft of 1-inch wide  gorilla tape, plastic sealled magnesium and ferro rod, striker, emergency whistle, mini-dogtag/signal mirror with sharpened edge.

Second row:  P-38 can opener, sparkie, 3 tenders, button compass, mini-saw, mini-razor/knife, mini-light, 3 needles wrapped with 12 feet of kevlar thread, mini-pencil, 2 safety pins, 6 water purifier tablets, 12ft paracord to wrap the stuff together, and (Not picutred) a split pea lighter.

Step 2: Assembling Contents.

Most contents of the kit you can probally find and home, and the rest at a local sporting goods store. Any item that you can't find or have a question about, feel free to asks about the kit and its contents! If you can, go without the rubber bands and paracord wrapped around your can, and I can safely promise you wouldn't be able to pic it out of a line up!  Advanced version coming soon.

Step 3: Hope This Got You Started!

As my first Instructible, I put alot of time into it and I really hope you guys like it!!!! DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE IF YOU LIKE IT. Besides, it's free. Comment and ideas for add-ons to the kit.



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    10 Discussions

    do u have an instructabl on how to make the minin knife ans saw

    where did you get the signal mirror dogtag, and the mini saw, and knife. oh and one more thing if you have a "ferro rod" as some people call them, then it is already waterproof, unless there for other reasons its just a waist of time
    might i also suggest adding aluminum foil, catches water, is waterproof, and you can boil with it

    3 replies

    Aluminum foil is great for cooking food, etc. It will not hold up long trying to boil water, starts leaking after minimum use.

    i found everything in my older bros room. He had a whole box of survival gear that he gave to me and i have just added the aluminum foil, extra heavy to my kit, i will add the credit for it when i update it this weekend.

    alright cool, thanks man, take a look at my survival kit in about a week, im going to make a new one, because my last one was, well, not so great, but lemme know what you think and if i should add anything

    Nice instructable !! Well written and good photos with comments. The one thing you may want to consider adding is a thin plastic bag for water. Many of these compact kit makers want to use condoms, they just don't work out well. I suggest getting a thin clear plastic bag from the vegetable area at your local grocery store. They are very thin and fold up easily, hold a quart or more of water and won't break easily. Make sure you get one of the nonventilated ones. They are food grade also.

    yea, i've spent alot of time on it and tried to find the best products to put in. added a ziplock back of charcloth into it today.