Surprise Jelly Egg




Introduction: Surprise Jelly Egg

Real eggshell and inside jelly

Step 1:

Extract and clean inside the egg

Step 2:

Injection the eggshell of jelly

Step 3:

Put in the refrigerator to be solidified

Step 4:

Start to enjoy yummy and funny.

Step 5: Prompt

Wash the eggshell with boiling water safe to eat.

Sorry I forgot to take a pic for this part.



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    I don't know how Bored_GuyJ does it, but I always emptied eggs from their shells by washing the outside of the egg (to reduce the chances of transferring salmonella bacteria to your mouth), and then putting a small pin prick in the narrow top of the egg and a wider (1/16"?) hole in the wide bottom. Hold the egg over a bowl and put my lips to the small hole and blow air into the egg as hard as I can. The yolk will break from the strain and then the egg will slide out of the larger hole on the bottom and into the cup.

    There will probably be membrane left inside; one method I read at to remove it to use a small syringe to inject enough bleach into the egg to fill it half way (until it dribbles out of the holes when left on its side). Let sit for 40 minutes, then turn it over so the other half of the egg comes in contact with the bleach, and wait another 40 minutes. Then let the bleach drain out and rinse with water thoroughly.

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    u can try to use syringes but keep slowly to input

    so how about some actual instructions please. Like how to or good advice to remove the egg from the shell.
    also maybe what you used to inject or other options on how to get jello inside.
    recommended time to let sit....

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    I think u can try to use syringes to input the jelly and extract inside the egg.

    I think u can try to use syringes is easy to input the jelly, and extraction inside egg.