Surprising Pepsi Challenge

Introduction: Surprising Pepsi Challenge

This incredibly simple experiment is baffling to many and actually makes physics fun!?! Here's one way to do it, but using a swimming pool is even better. Feel free to comment on the reason that this happens.



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    The diet floats because it doesn't have sugar in it. This changes the density and such. Or maybe little elfs are holding the diet one up. I think it's the first one, but I can't remember though.

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    Haha. Oh no...I thought I shopped all of the elves out. You are good!

    Well, my sixth grade science teacher is the one you should be thanking. Thanks Mr. G!

    no, the elves hold the regular one a beach ball only they're better at it than me.

    Oh that's right. I forget they hold it DOWN. I had it reversed, thanks!

    That may be true, but the density of the diet is less than the density of water. The density of the regular is greater than the density of water. That's why you see the result shown. Thanks for watching!