Surreal (just) Black and White Effect With Lightroom 2.0

Introduction: Surreal (just) Black and White Effect With Lightroom 2.0

This effect converts your color pictures into highly contrast black and white. The result is a surreal, abstract photo.

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Step 1:

1. Choose the picture that you want to have this surreal black and white effect. To get the most from the picture, please remember to shoot the picture in RAW.

Step 2:

2. Go to Develop.

Step 3:

3. On the right panel, under Basic, click on Grayscale.

Step 4:

4. On the same panel, under Basic, there is a section called tone. In tone panel, move the Blacks all the way to 100, and Recovery, if not already 0, move it to 0.

Step 5:

5. Now adjust the Exposure to show more highlights of the picture. There is no exact science for these setting; set it to your own taste. For this picture here, I will set it to +2.00. After then, adjust the “Fill Light” to show more details of the picture. For my taste for this picture here, I will set it to 20.

Step 6:

6. To give it an extra punch of contrast, go to the Tone Curve section (right below Basic) and set the curve into an S shape. Again, you can set it anyway you want, as long as you are happy with the result.

Step 7:

7. The last step is to add vignettes. Roll the right panel to the very bottom and in Lens Correction, under Vignettes, set Amount all the way to -100. Twit Midpoint to you liking.

Step 8:

8. And you are done.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    cool, did you pay for lightroom? I remember the free beta, it was okay, but nothing like photoshop.