Survival Bag / Scarf From a T-shirt

Make a survival bag / scarf from a t-shirt.

All you need for this project is a t-shirt, a knife or scissors.

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Step 1: Material and Tool


  • T-shirt


  • Scissors or a knife

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the bottom strip of your t-shirt. Now cut strip of 10mm wide by 20 mm high over the entire length of the bottom.

Cut the collar and the sleeves of your t-shirt.

Step 3: Knots

First pull at all the strips to stretch them out. Than knot two strips together with a square knot. (use1 strip at the front and 1 strip on the back)

Do this for the entire bottom

Now you're ready to put some bananas in your bag.

Step 4: Bananas

Everything you find with gathering, you can now do in your bag.

When you don't use the bag, you can use the bag as a scarf.Thread the bottom through the handles and you have a scarf.

You can use this in any survival situation to collect belongings.

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