Altoids Survival Candle




Introduction: Altoids Survival Candle

Step 1: Making the Candle Mold

What you'll need:
- Egg Carton
- Pens or pencils (something to use for a mold)
- Water
- Blender

Step 2: Rip the Egg Carton Into Shreds

Step 3: Place Shreds Into Blend

Step 4: Add Water and Blend

Blend until the egg carton is pretty fine and mushy. It should resemble a paste. If it's too chunky, it won't mold very easily.

Step 5: Make the Mold

Wrap the wet egg carton around the pen or pencil and squeeze out as much water as possible.

Step 6: Lay Out to Dry

Lay the wet molds out to dry. This may take a couple of days depending on where you live. It happens to be summer here so I put them outside for a day. A hair dryer would work to speed up the process as well.

Step 7: Make the Wicks

What you'll need;
- Matches
- Wax (old birthday candle, parrafin, crayon pieces, etc.)
- Wick (string, twine)
- Salt
- Tin Foil (for easy cleanup)

Step 8: Melt the Wax

Drip melted wax over the wicks. Sprinkle salt over the hot wax (apparently the salt will allow the wick to burn longer, can someone confirm)???

Step 9: Finished Wicks

Straighten wicks out as straight as possible.

Step 10: Finished Wicks & Molds

Remove the dried mold from the pen or pencil. Be careful not to damage the molds.

Step 11: Place Wicks Inside of Molds

Step 12: Make the Candles

What you'll need;
- Tinder (dryer lint, sawdust, rubber, dry grass clippings, etc.)
- Matches
- Wax (old birthday candles, parrafin, crayon pieces)
- Tin Foil (for easy cleanup)
- Empty Candle Mold (from previous step)

Step 13: Fill Mold and Melt Wax

Fill the molds with tinder. I found it easier to cut the molds open. If you have a suggestion on how to easily fill the mold without cutting it open, please comment below.

Melt the wax (in a pot, microwave, or using a flame).

Drip the wax into the candle mold and try to center the wick.

Squish the mold and melted wax so it resembles a candle.

Step 14: Dried Candle Mold

It's ugly. I know.

Step 15: Finished Survival Candles

They aren't pretty, but pretty isn't what we're going for.

Cut the candles in half so they will fit in your Altoids tin.

...and yes I do realize that they look like tampons lol

I would like to see your survival candles. Please post pictures below. Tell me what worked and what didn't. I filled my candles with lint, sawdust and rubber. I also used twine and cotton wicks.

Step 16: Action Shot

The twine wicks definitely work better than the string wicks. I didn't time this but it burnt for at least five mins. This fire had a really good flame going before my candle died out.



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    12 Discussions

    Although there is nothing wrong with this idea why not go to the dollar store and buy several boxes of crayons. When lit they burn just like a candle. Easy to pack in a move out kit, water proof and light to carry. Just an idea.

    This is to lengthy a process for the end result. Take thin corrugated cardboard, cut into a lengthy strip the height of your altoids tin. Roll the cardboard into a spiral and put it in your tin. It should unroll and fill to fill the tin. Pour melted wax over the top leaving a slight edge of the cardboard exposed. Let harden. When your ready to burn your candle light a corner of the cardboard.

    2 replies

    I will have to try this. Any idea how long it will burn for?

    several hours. Altoids tin at least 4 or 5 continously hours

    Not trying to be too critical here but seems like survival candles would not be able to include a blender?? another way for making "Survival" candles is to render down animal tallow, pour into mold made out of clay or anything you can find for a mold in your environment, place the wick in the mold and pour in the liquid tallow, wait for it to harder and voila. Candle

    2 replies

    I think by "Survival" candle he is referring to making now for using in a survival situation, not making them during a survival situation. So I think the use of a blender for his recipe is fine. But if you are wanting to make a candle during a survival situation then yes a blender would most likely not be an option and your suggestions might be better.

    Yes, you are correct. These candles are meant to be made ahead of time and not during a survival situation.

    You asked for ideas on how to get the wax into your molds without cutting them open. Could you melt the wax in a pot and place the molds into the melted wax until it completely soaks in and fills the cavity inside, then remove from the melted wax?

    1 reply

    Possibly. The entire mold would be covered in wax, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll have to try it out and see what happens.

    I have found that simply dipping a piece of the egg carton in a pot of melted wax makes an effective fire starter. They light easily and are not fragile. Make a bunch of these at once.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Nice use of egg cartons; they do tend to burn quite nicely.