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Here are few things that i have that i would consider having in case of any survival circumstances.
We might be facing a power loss for many days and or maybe weather related catastrophes who knows what lays ahead of us we have to be prepared for any situation.
Some gear are just to keep us sane in case we have to survive a long time like the ipod with some good music, also having extra cellphones is always a good thing.
Owning a cheap or expensive night vision device always gives us a confidence at night specially if you are afraid of the dark...
Always have extra batteries in the house they do last a long time when stored properly.
Ultimately WE are the most essential survival machine not only we can survive by being smart but also by making the right decision whenever needed.



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    Tactical man220

    3 years ago

    now what would be cool is if you showed some survival tricks with the stuff

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    Yes sir i do but keep in mind having few that we already own is not a bad idea specially if you have kids that are terrified of the dark, at least it keeps them calm knowing that they can see few feet in front of them :-)

    As a note i have expanded my gear to a more robust and more complete survival gear taking in place the area where we all live, i will soon upload few pics

    Thanks for the comments and also suggestions!!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    i see that u had really serious survival situations!great ible thanks!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    We all know that every survival condition is different and the survival
    gear used in that conditions are also different. In case of power loss extra
    torch, lamp and batteries are good option. Along with this Candles can be
    essentialthing. So I think you must add
    candles in your blog because they do not need electricity or charging instead
    of matchsticks which are present in everyone’s home.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    May want to look into a dry bag for your electronics. Definitely want a way of purifying water and a way to start fire like a ferro rod or magnesium bar.

    This looks like an attempt at an urban survival kit. Here's a list you should try.
    The 4 basic elements of survival are: Food, Fire, Shelter, and Water.
    Food: Some long shelf-life candy, Maybe an MRE or two. A mess kit to cook.
    Fire: A few Bic lighters, Firesteel AKA Ferro Rod, Mag Block.
    Shelter: Small tarp, Military style poncho with the snaps, Emergency blanket.
    Water: Bottle, Filter, Tablets, Pouches(Platapus), Bladder(Camelbak), plastic bags (For distilling), Extra emergency pouches of water. Datrex also produces emergency water packs and emergency food bars.
    Extra shoes/clothing. Some Hygene. And a copy of SAS survival handbook.

    Your pack appears to be about 30L but I do see places for clips/lashing to expand the capacity by attaching more small compartments.
    Pack light, learn as much as you can, and practice.

    I'd post pics of my survival gear but 1.) I'm using a larger backpack 2.) I have only a few items that would help with Urban survival.

    Love The nite vision idea. In an emergency carbs are more suittable than protien,they reguire less water from the body to digest. A tin of hard candies work wonders for moral and quick energy.

    Love The nite vision idea. In an emergency carbs are more suittable than protien,they reguire less water from the body to digest. A tin of hard candies work wonders for moral and quick energy.

    Love The nite vision idea. In an emergency carbs are more suittable than protien,they reguire less water from the body to digest. A tin of hard candies work wonders for moral and quick energy.

    I didn't see any means of shelter in there. A tarp and some good cordage would work great. You also might want to get some high protein bars in there to last you a little longer.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    instead of batteries, I would pack rechargeable batteries, so you can recharge them with the solar charger.
    some food powder, like soups or something like that.
    and some filtration method to get potable water.

    good gera though!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Thanks for your comment, i have some rechargeable batteries i forgot to tag them thanks for pointing this out!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Good start, although, things like cell phones won't help in a catastrophe since it relies on the power grid. A few things to add would be a good multi-tool (Leatherman), first-aid kit (AMK), fixed-blade knife like the Gerber Prodigy, a thermal blanket (AMK), and last, but MOST important, a water flitration device (MSR Miniworks comes to mind). All of that tech isn't going to help if you can't provide the basics! 1 gallon of water weighs a little over 8 pounds, so get rid of some of the gadgets to save some weight for the real life-saver!

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    EXACTAMUNDO ! all these "Go Bag" lists that rapidly turn into a "No Bag Can Hold All That & Be Carried By A Human" lists are thorough at worst, biut a fair portion of their owner's will likely be found / captured / whatevered because they had no potable water [or FOOD] and can't enjoy the luxury of staying away from other people & especially those in charge...

    I'm just sayin'... I'd take my iPod though; Frankenstiened to a 32Gig SD card & upgraded battery courtesy of this here interweb site.


    Thanks for the comment...
    I appreciate you add more good ideas and i will add some of what you mentioned


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Is it Allowed to post a commercial supplier email or link for supplies used in here?

    If not please instruct me : OK, many of the suggestions / solutions desired here may, may be found in this company: company. As in a Solar recharger for those Ipods/cell phones you're including in your GoBag/kit.$7.00 for one of these
    'pocket rechargers'. Sure the minimum order is $10.00 but for many of the other items in your survival kit/bag their cost is over the ten bucks.
    Rechargeble NIMH or NICAD batteries needed as well, along with assorted stuff you might spend a week searching for depending on where you live.
    Slap my hand if this isn't allowed in here.