Survival (Kit) Bracelet

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This is a very minimal survival kit bracelet, not meant for long term survival.

Step 1: The Fixins'

This kit is probably the most minimal you can get with an actual survival kit, because of its small size. This kit can hold really five or less survival items in the bracelet. I put a piece of 4 x 4 tin foil, 3 colored hooks (orange, chartreuse, and glow), one safety pin, about 20 ft. of 12 lb. test fishing line, flint / whistle buckle, 8 feet of black paracord, 8 feet desert camo, and 6 in. of blue paracord, and two zip ties. I also used a lighter and a pair of scissors for the project. You can find flint buckles here.

Step 2: Fishing Line

First, I gutted the paracord and unrolled about 20 ft. of fishing line. I melted the ends on the gutted paracord so they didn't fray (I didn't close it together). Start by putting the end piece in the paracord, and once it comes out on the other side, take the end and put it through again. Keep doing that until it is all in. After it is all inserted, melt the ends on the paracord and smush them together (make sure you don't melt the fishing line).

Step 3: The Construction

First take the two ends of each line (If making two color), melt the ends, and smush them together (Fusing). Make sure that it is well connected and make a double cow's hitch. Put the two strands through the other and and measure your wrist. Make room between your wrist and the bracelet. Once you have gotten your wristy measured, wrap the paracord around again. After you did that start braiding the "Solomon Bar Line". Learn how to do it here.

Step 4: Adding the Contents

Once you have started, take one of the zip ties and slide it through from the top. Once you have braided it a couple more times, take the last one and loosen it up and slide the folded piece of foil in. Again, after you have braided it to the end of the foil, loosen the last one and slide the safety pin under the foil. Once again you have braided over that, loosen the last one and slide the two fishing hooks (taped together) under the paracord and start braiding again. Once you have reached the end, flip the bracelet around and start braiding up, while you are braiding it, take the blue piece of paracord and start weaving it through until you reach the other end.

Step 5: More or Less the End

I make a "King Cobra" because it adds more paracord, but yet hides the contents from being seen.

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    Thank you! These bracelets have went from being a survival tool for people like us, to a fashion accessory. That's why I was so excited by yours b/c you're actually making a 'survival' bracelet. Do you make, or do any other survival projects? BTW you rock. Thank you for taking the time to post this.


    4 years ago

    no prob man


    4 years ago

    hey man you should put this in the paracord challenge

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