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When putting together a survival kit it is important to get everything you need, but at the same time you want to travel light and not carry too much. This paracord bracelet can carry many of the things you might need in a survival situation all on your wrist, no bigger than a watch.

This bracelet is a survival kit containing:
-fishing line
-electrical tape
-fishing hooks
-fishing swivels
-zip ties

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Step 1: Materials

This part is up to you. A survival kit can contain whatever suits you best. Choose wisely though, because there is very limited space inside this bracelet, and if you are in a survival situation, this among your other gear can be the only things you have to stay alive.

Step 2: Get Organized

Begin by choosing the tools and supplies you want to put in your kit. Make sure to get everything completely organized to make sure everything fits, and is the right size, or

Step 3: Fishing Line Inner Core

The inner core of the bracelet is made up of fishing line inside of paracord casing. To make this you will first have to removing the strings out of the middle of the paracord. This part will be easy, because it will just pull out. You might want to keep those, they could be used in the future. Now the hard part is getting the fishing line in. My paracord had seven strings in the middle, so I used seven pieces of fishing line. I tried a couple different methods, but found its easiest to start with the pieces cut to the length of the paracord you are using. Next, get all the fishing line lined up bunched together, and melt the end just a little bit. Squeeze the end a little bit just to make them stay together. Now the fishing line should just slide right into the paracord, but go nice and easy just to make sure.

Step 4: Build Inner Core

Next is to build the inner core. I basically just melted the two ends together and double wrapped it around each buckle.

Step 5: Put in Wire and Begin Knots

The yellow paracord will go under the surface of the bracelet, and hold the wire. This part will be easier because I only used three pieces of wire, and the paracord is much shorter. Next attach the other three pieces of paracord to the buckle.

Step 6: Electrical Tape Wrap

To keep the blades, needles, and fishing hooks together, wrap them in electrical tape and cut off the edges.

Step 7: Begin Tying and Adding Supplies

Begin tying, I just used a cobra knot, and adding in supplies in every time they fit. It may be tricky to get the all to fit, and some may make the bracelet misshapen, because of their size, but just pull the knot as tight as you can.

Step 8: Fasten End to Buckle

Lastly, tie down the end of the paracord however it is best for you. All I did was tie a knot on the back and melt the ends.

Step 9: Enjoy!

You now have a survival kit right on your wrist. It even looks good enough to where every day just like any other paracord bracelet. But if you are ever stuck in a survival situation, you will have just what you need. All you have to do is unwind it. It turned out a little misshapen and stiff, but the wire inside actually helped it keep it's form.

I really wanted to add more, like a can opener and some fire steel. But I am still starting out and don't have access to a whole lot of materials. Please support me by voting, and favoriting. I promise I have a lot more to come if I can get some support. Thanks and hope your enjoyed!

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    36 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    knife would be good, even that size. Most of us carry a good knife tho. I tried getting a P38 can opener wrapped in tape into one, as it can be a knife, plus the corners can be screwdrivers. But it was kinda wide to fit inside.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, will try this
    anyone wants to make instructable for survival kit inside paracord grenade keychaine plz?


    5 years ago

    Core= 200lb
    One inner strand= 50lb
    So you aren't making it stronger or weaker. I had an idea that you could use to have a striker in the para cord with the wire. If you shorten the wire and and put it back in, then you could slip in a small striker. You might have to shave the edges to make it fit though.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very well thought out, a great idea. Think I'm going to try making this myself.


    4 years ago

    Those are very good points! Thanks!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I would think that in survival situations, swivels are more of a luxery since that short a line is not likely to twist that much but to split shots sinkers would be more appreciated.

    Also, why not use the inner strings already in the paracord casing to pull your fishing line in as you remove the strings.


    5 years ago

    Those are a great addition!


    5 years ago

    cool bracelet made one like it and it almost never leaves my wrist also put glow tape and retro reflectors on the buckle it rocks


    I would just stick to useing the inner strands as fishing line but I didn't think of the snare wire, good job!


    5 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I really wouldn't suggest putting your hook inside the electrical tape. Fish dont like the smell of adhesives from my experience.


    5 years ago

    you could tape the striker into the middle i tried it and it worked perfectly


    5 years ago

    Looks great it's awesome because you can wear it like a normal bracelet until you really need it then you have everything right there on your wrist