Survival Kit - Mini Tin

Introduction: Survival Kit - Mini Tin

About: I live in Denmark, and i will show you how to make things for survival, art, awesomeness, and much more! Check it out! ??

You will need:
Mini tin
Mini flashlight
Razor blade
Rubber band
Plastic bag
Duck tape
Survival flute
Fishing hook
Dental floss
Sugar (In a straw)
Super glue
Birthday candle
Pills (for hurting head/stomach)
Safety pin
Plastic strips

Step 1: Survive

You can also print a survival totorial out, and put it in there.
The tin i use, is half the size of a Altoid tin!

If you are lucky you can survive in 2 days!
I will make totorials on how to make things with the survival kit like, a spear, a bow and arrow, a fishing root, a fireplace, and things like that!

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