Survival Kit in a Tin (better Than Other Ones I've Seen Here)




Marooned in the wilderness? Here's the answer to your problems:
a portable survival kit that provides all the essentials for preparing shelter, food gathering, fire making water cleaning and storage, signalling, and first aid. The entire kit has everything you need to keep you going for at least 3 days.

I am not held responsible for any deaths in the wilderness caused by misuse of this kit.

This may save your life!

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Step 1: You Will Need.

You Will Need:

An Altoids tin, boiled sweet tin or tobacco tin: As well as holding everything, the inside of the lid is highly reflective and can be used to signal to rescuers.

A folded square of tin foil or aluminium foil. This can be fashioned into a small pan for collecting and boiling water, for cooking, washing and drinking out of.

A loud whistle of your favourite kind.

A short piece of sealed drinking straw, containing domestic bleach for water purification. This Provides about 8 drops of bleach. One should be enough to sterilise a PINT of drinking water.

a condom for water storage [or other purposes if you hit lucky ;) ] these buggers store A LOT, but be wary not to overfill it, as these are susceptible to bursting.

A dozen matches dipped in paraffin wax. Dipping them in wax keeps them completely dry - what's more, you can eat the wax scrapings, SERIOUSLY!

A candle stub. Has many uses, such as: a waterproof light, lubrication, and foodstuff.

Three 1-in squares of inner-tube rubber: AMAZING waterproof fire lighters.

Three Vaseline-covered cotton wool balls. Another multi-use tool: An affective waterproof tinder, First aid swab and lubricant.

A soft pencil, obviously this is a good message writer, but it's lead will provide an excellent lubricant, it's shavings can also be used as a dry tinder.

Three over-the-counter antihistamine and three "jungle-runs" tablets. These stop you being disabled by allergic reactions and dehydration.

A small roll of waterproof surgical tape. In addition to its obvious first-aid uses, you can make essential repairs with this or even put some on a branch to catch insects- a protein-rich food or bait.

A sugar lump (Cube). Use in combination with your tape to catch bees and insects for dinner. Bee soup is VERY nourishing.

Six safety pins. You Can use these for emergency clothing repairs, and as an aid to shelter construction. They make good fishing hooks too. Just attach a caterpillar, and a piece of foil as a lure and you're away.

A stock cube. This simple item will improve the taste of some of the ghastly stuff you have to eat.

A small Swiss army knife. For skinning, gutting, sawing and so forth. (it's tweezers are good for plucking eyebrows, if you are a loose end).\

10ft Multi-strand parachute cord, wrapped around the tin. In addition to its uses as shelter suspension, strung between trees, it can be used for hanging food out of the reach of animals, and it's inner filaments are PERFECT for sewing, snare-manufacture, tying off your water container, and especially fishing. They also make ideal dental floss.

Step 2: How to Start a Fire With Your Survival Kit.

Gather together a very flat stone, your foil, a wax covered match and something to strike it on, such as a rough stone. Fold the foil into a "Hollywood bowl" shape ( picture included) to make a windscreen and hold this down with your big flat stone. Have one of your Vaseline coated cotton balls ready and shave some pencil sharpening onto it. Prepare a kindling bundle of whatever dry grasses and bark you can find, and you're ready to go.

1: Scrape off the wax from the match head and eat it (the wax)
2: Strike the match on the rough stone and throw it inside the windscreen (the stone)
3: hold a rubber square over the match until it catches fire (the rubber)
4: place the burning rubber into your waterproof tinder.
5: Blow on the tinder and, once it's going, transfer it to your kindling bundle.

A good signalling flare can be produced by making a fire under a dry pine tree. The whole tree will catch fire. Don't burn down the forest, if you can avoid it.


Step 3: Final Important Notes. and Using a Watch As a Compass!

1: Remember, alcohol is the enemy of survival. It dehydrates the body, lowers body temperature (by opening peripheral blood vessels) and impairs performance.
2: If you find yourself lost in the wilderness, stay where you are. However, if you must move - say to find water - you can use your watch as a compass.


1. Remove your watch, and point the hour hand at the sun.

2. lay a match across the radius of the dial, halfway between the hour hand and the 12 o'clock (in British summer time use 11 o'clock) . The match will be pointing south in the northern hemisphere and north in the southern hemisphere.

That's it!

Thank you, i have been Scott fry, and this has been my first instructable :)

Thank you again, for reading :D

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    21 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great kit! One of the best on the site. I just uploaded my own instructable on this very topic as well.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is copied from Tom Cutler's "211 things a bright boy can do" though


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great ible but one very important thing u missed was wire or twine And some floss or thin rope. The wire comes in very useful when you are trying To Make a pot with foil. Just two circles above each other wire To connect them And cover in foil now you have a pot And or cup. : )

    Look around on some survival sites. Most survivalist do actually recommend carrying un-lubricated condoms for water storage. Before you comment at least google the topic to see if you know what you are talking about.

    this is a survival kit to fit in a small tin.. good luck getting a bottle in their! when i have done it, i put the condom inside a large sock or hat to give it some rigidity and prevent it from bursting when collecting water.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    "you can eat the wax scrapings, SERIOUSLY!" - true, but they provide absolutely no nourishment. You can eat grass, toenail clippings, and tiny pebbles, as well.

    "This Provides about 8 drops of bleach. One should be enough to sterilise a PINT of drinking water." - that's massive overkill (no pun intended). 1 drop per pint is the standard recommendation. At room temperature, the water should sit for 30 minutes before drinking. Below 60 degrees, it should sit several hours. The resulting water should have a very slight chlorine taste. At the recommended "8 drops/pint", it might even irritate your mouth or throat.

    The aluminum foil should preferably be "restaurant grade", which is stronger.

    Other than these points, this is a decent guide.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, if the wax is based on animal fats, it will provide 9 kcal per gram...

    ...but the amount used to cover a match head is not very large.


    9 years ago on Step 2

    The Cedar fire in San Diego killed 15 people and destroyed over 2000 homes, and was started by a hunter to signal rescuers. Definitely be smart when it comes to fires!! If the area is very dry (like, maybe, Southern California) be extremely cautious--maybe avoid a fire all together.


    9 years ago on Step 3

    thanks for the info on using a watch as a compass.   I'm sure that info is available on the web but it's nice to have it with all the other stuff. 


    9 years ago on Step 1

    I have noticed that no one has mentioned chalk for blazing trails. Specially considering if your not fimilar with the area and leave your base camp to get water or make/check your traps, ect.


    9 years ago on Step 1

    unlubricated condoms are better cause one guy i know Frenchfry drank mild from one and got really sick. i am not sure why but i think it was not the lube! i recently made a pretty good mint tin survival kit, and i totally carry it with me everyday


    10 years ago on Step 1

    if you hit lucky lol good one man this helped me and my cuz out in da woods lol we got lost n came baack home a 3days later lol we survived on fish and cooking it on a stone grill and the condom was a great makeshift fishing net ;P

    3 replies

    seriously? you used a condom as a fishing net? That's... unusual... how big were the fish... and more importantly, how big was the condom! D: EEEK!!! haha, thanks for your comment.

    we used wire from the inside of bacpacks to keep condom opening wide open and we maade a coupple of small holes on the other side to let water run thru lol the firs were baramundi so basicly the fish were about the avrage mans handspand ;) im guna make my first instructable on how to make a survival stone grill soon :P it worked pretty well

    awesome! Well Done, awesome adaptation! :) Seriously, congrats and i hope your grill instructable is successful; I'll be reading it! :D

    Scott FryHunter O.

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 1

    it would certainly fit, most of it is foldable and compact. If not an altoids tin, it could fit in another type. but i have made it, and as soon as i can get my camera up and running i will show you the finished product :)


    10 years ago on Step 3

    this is a rele good 1st. good job