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The flash light I keep in my bag just in case.
The things you'll need.
x1 Life gear Flashlight
x1 Clothes Pin(Just in case really)
5 yards of paracord
3 AA batteries for the flash light
 I'm thankful I've never had to use it. You might want to add your own items because I just threw these items together before school had started. I really think you should probably add a small pocket knife and a lighter, but since I bring this to school I decided not to. I don't know how much the flashlight costs but i know it can be found in Home Depot. Parcord can be found in your military surplus store. I took it apart to make an instructable. I hope you vote for me in the be prepared contest, thanks. Keep in mind I'm young so please don't be rude.




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I just thought of something. You could put all that stuff inside the handle of the lifegear flashlight. It is hollow. All the electronics are at the business end of the flashlight. Where it says life gear on the side is all empty space so it will float. Was that the idea?

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I know that having a knife, lighter, matches are things that you can not take with you to school.
    There are other items that you may need in a survival/emergency situation that you can keep on you/in your backpack at school. Including rain poncho, survival blanket, bandaids, toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, gum, water bottle, bandana, gloves, winter hat, safety pins, carabiners, money.
    I hope this list of items helps you make your survival kit a little more complete.

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    Yeah but this is just my flash light but I normally keep a water bottle and bandaids in my bag because I get cuts on my fingers a lot and a small amount of money is all I can really keep in my bag. In new mexico it doesnt really rain as much and even if, there is a lot of trees to take cover under, but a survival blanket is an excellent idea but i lost mine.