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Introduction: Survival Rings-yet Another Paracord Project

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I have been wanting to do this for some time. I finally have a ring that matches my paracord survival bracelet. Its fun and easy. It also uses the leftover scraps of paracord from my projects.  I know it is an extreme use for paracord as it was manufactured for support of a parachute canopy. But I am kind of extreme when it comes to alternative uses of things. (Addendum:  you can gut or take out the insides of the parcord for a flatter ring) See my last picture.

Step 1: Select a Color of Paracord

I chose colors that I had to match the survival paracord bracelets that i had already made. I measured about 9" out for one ring. This may vary according to your finger size. 

Step 2: Twist Some Paracord

start to twist here.

Step 3: Wrap Around Your Finger

Twist the paracord using your favorite weave. Then test it on your finger. Adjust to fit. It should slide on and off easily. But not cut off circulation. Take an alligator clip and lock the strands together.

Step 4: Weave the Strands

This is the simplest weave I can think of.

Step 5: Clip the Ends Together With This

This exacto tool thingy works really nicely to hold the loose ends, so you can fuse them together.

Step 6: You Can Use Alligator Clips Too!

If you have no exacto tool thingy, you can use alligator clips in its place.

Step 7: Fuse the Ends

I used my soldering gun with a spade bit to fuse the ends together. Just keep the ends together, then place the hot blade between the ends. When they melt, pull the blade away and push the ends together so they dry nicely. It happens in a few seconds.

Step 8: Try on Your New Ring!

Try on your new ring. Make adjustments so it looks  smooth. If it feels good make some more. Enjoy! Triumphman

Step 9: Some New Rings

I decided to try the paracord rings with the seven inside strands removed. Called gutting. Not my favorite, but they are thinner, what do you think ? (the white one is made from the seven inner strands) This is an extreme use of paracord , as it was never intended to be a ring! Paracord is manufactured for the explicit use to support the canopy of a parachute! 

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    7 years ago

    I like Your idea, very impressive! Thank You for your creative use of Pcord!!
    Don't Stop Creating""!

    13, 5:21 PM.jpg

    8 years ago on Step 5

    just got one of these, hae not had a chance at using it though...