Survival Solar Energy Phone Charger

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Hello guys! Today I just made (probably) the easiest usb solar panel charger! First off I’m sorry that I didn’t upload some instructable for you guys.. I got some exams in the past few years (not actually few maybe a year or so..). But here, I made a really simple project for you guys! Hope you liked the project!

And also my english is kinda crap, english is my 3rd language anyway. I hope you guys understands what I’m trying to say :D.

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Step 1: Materials:

First of all, let me show you some materials needed to make the solar usb

charger.. I’ve made a list down below:


1) A Solar Panel

Here, I’m using a 5v 200mA Solar Panel which you can buy on Ebay for $4.19 - 5V 200mA 1W Mini Solar Panel

2) A USB Car Charger

You can get these car charger for a dollar but, if you can’t find it anywhere just buy it from ebay for $1 - USB Car Charger

3) A Box

Here, I got the box from an old flashdrive box. But, you can either use a tupperware container or a project box. I suggest to measure the box for around 12 x 8cm or about 4 and a half inches times 3 inches.

4) Double Sided Tape

You can use any brand of the double sided but I suggest to use the one which has a 5mm width.

5) Soldering Tin

I used an 0.8mm 60/40 flux cored tin.

6) Flux paste (optional)

I’m using a chepo 12grams of flux

7) Hot Glue sticks (also optional)

You can use the yellow one but I suggest to use the clear one or the white one.

8) Some Wire

You can use any kind of wire for this one.

Well, that’s all of the materials. Now, let’s move on to the tools that we’re gonna use in the project!

Step 2: Tools:

1) A Utility Knife.

2) A Plier .

3) A Scissor .

4) A Soldering iron .

5) A Rotary tool with a 5mm bit .

That was it! Lets go making it!

Step 3: Let's Build It!

*Note: Use your safety glasses because the plastic pieces may fly and hit your eyes.. Safety First! :)

Okay, let’s pry open and crack the usb car charger using the pliers. Next, you’ll get this pcb or a circuit from the charger. Remember, ground (-) is the negative and (+) is the positive lead of the circuit. So, the spring one will be the postive and the metal piece will be the negative. You can also see that there is a mark that shows which the ground is.

Step 4: Let’s Get Crafty!

Pick up a pencil, an eraser and a ruler.. And start marking where do you wanted to cut and drill the usb socket and the led indicator.

Once you’re done you just need to cut the drawn usb socket mark with a utiltiy knife. Then, drill a hole for the led indicator with the rotary tool. Also drill a hole near the bottom of the box for the wires to come out. Once you drilled the hole just test fit the pcb/circuit to the box.

Step 5: Heat Things Up!

Clip on the circuit with a helping hands and start cleaning it with an alcohol swabs or an alcohol dipped paper towel! Desolder the positive lead and the ground lead from the pcb and solder them with a new wires. Put the circuit on to the box and start heat the hot glue gun. After a minute or so, stick the circuit into the box with a glue gun. Then stick some double sided tape to the top of the box. Fix the solar panel on the top of the box, then run the wires from the circuit to a hole that we drilled before and solder them to the solar panel. Give some more of glue gun. And DONE!

Step 6: DONE!

Check out if everything works well, Plug your phone and test it out!

That's it the easiest usb solar charger! Thank You all for supporting my instructable, please vote me on the Survival Ready contest! and once again, THANK YOU! You’re one of a kind, you’re awesome, Build More!



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    This project appears to be a duplicate of one of your previous projects.


    Your friendly neighborhood instructables staff.


    2 years ago

    by the way I have a question.How many minutes should it be charged to be %100?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi mate, usually when it is fully charged the led will either change colour or go out. Check with others though as I am not 100% sure with this project

    John... :)


    2 years ago

    This looks cool well done, just one question please.

    How do you decide it needs 200mA 1W panel


    2 years ago

    great idea I'm gonna build that as soon as I buy such a solar panel.