Survival Tip: Great Tinder Fire Starter in Any Weather




Introduction: Survival Tip: Great Tinder Fire Starter in Any Weather

Every outdoorsman/woman needs to learn how to start a fire with open flame (lighter/match), fire steel, methods by friction.

For that you need great tinder to start your fire. And wood or other natural/unnatural material to fuel your fire.

Birch (cherry) bark is great tinder since it can be wet and you can still light it up with sufficient heat source.

Combined with pine/spruce pitch you are making a almost any weather condition fire proof starter!

In addition, you will learn how to dry tinder with your body heat.

Safe outdoor experience!

Step 1: Find Birch Tree (or Wild Cherry) and Peel the Bark With Your Trusty Knife

Any knife will do..

Take the bark from dead fallen birch trees.

If you take it from live ones, gather from older ones that have thick bark, many layers. Take the top layers only. Don't damage the the trees, please!

(Thanks Clay_Ogre 4 typo correction)

Step 2: Gather Birch Bark in Your Cap

Now your hat has one more purpose: as a gathering reusable mini bag.

Step 3: Put the Cap on Your Head

This way your body heat will dry the tinder (birch bark) until you will reach your camping destination. If your head/hair is moist or sweaty, place a baseball cap on first. You can put the birch bark in a sock, glove and cover that with your hat. Don't put it in a plastic bag. The moisture will condense, and there will not be any drying effect.

Instead of putting the cap on your head, you can put it close to skin under your layers of clothes.

Step 4: Find Spruce Tree, Gather Pitch

Spruce or pine pitch is a great addition to and tinder caught on fire.

It acts as hepa-cube after burner and produces lasting flame, helping your fire build up into self sustainable one (able to burn and dry any not completely dried material.

Step 5: Make Natural Pitch Wrapper you won't stick it to the inside of your pocket

Use leaf. Fresh or dry. Wrap it in, close with a twig. Or use plastic bag as container.

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    Just dont put the pitch in your hat!